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No-Sew DIY Lip Balm Holder

These Chapstick or lip gloss keychain holders make for the perfect handmade gift. I love making little handmade gifts that actually have a purpose. I’m personally always losing lip balms left and right so it made total sense to make one of these keychain holders. […]

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Addressing Envelopes with the Cricut

Printing addresses on envelopes was like so last decade. Just kidding! But who doesn’t love a beautifully hand-lettered envelope? I’ll be honest, I did this out of sheer competitiveness. So every year starting early December, the holiday cards start flooding in from all of our […]

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Faux Hand Lettering with Cricut Pen

I was playing around with the Cricut write function the other day and found a way to make faux hand lettering. That’s right! Fake hand lettering! I love all the hand-lettered artwork I see all over Pinterest and Etsy but I just haven’t put enough […]

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Free Letter Stencils Printable and SVG Templates

I joke about living in the laundry room to my husband sometimes because I spend so much time in there. Between the kid’s clothes, gym clothes, towels, and sheets, there seems to be an endless pile of laundry in our household. Our poor washer and […]

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Freezer Paper Transfer Tutorial

One of the easiest ways to make wood and canvas signs if you don’t have a cutting machine is to use freezer paper and transfer designs onto signs. I love making signs both for my home but also as handmade gifts for housewarmings and other […]

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Vinyl on Wood – Coffee Signs Ideas

There are many ways to use vinyl on wood signs. These rustic wood signs are super popular these days probably because they are so easy to make and make for great DIY home decor projects. Most people use either self-adhesive vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl […]

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5 Petal Flower Template

One of my favorite paper flowers to make is a layered five petal flower. It is probably the easiest paper flower to make. It is a great beginner flower that doesn’t require a cutting machine. It is also quite satisfying for seasoned paper flower crafters […]


Free Printable Flower Stencil Designs

I created a bunch of flower stencils for decorating projects and thought I’d share all of them with all of my readers. I did one of my favorite things to do which is to find a bunch of public domain designs and then alter them […]

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DIY Cookie Stencil

I thought it would be fun to make my own reusable DIY cookie stencil. It worked out great and turned into a really fun project with the kids. I will admit, this project took A LOT of trial and error. I saw all these tutorials […]

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How to Stencil on Canvas

For all those creatives out there who can’t draw, I have the perfect art project that involves only a vinyl stencil, some paint, and a blank canvas. I’m ok at drawing but my creativity far outpaces my actual artistic skills. I have a feeling a […]

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Free Beach SVG Files

Life is better at the beach pretty much all year round. While I don’t live in a place where it is vacay mode all year round, it is nice to do a little getaway in the middle of the winter. And that’s exactly what we […]

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