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Paper Poinsettia

One of my favorite flowers for the holidays is the poinsettia. This is a tutorial for a simple paper poinsettia. The best part of paper poinsettias is that they are not poisonous for cats, dogs and small children! This is one of those paper flowers […]

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Cut out Canvas Art

Cutout art is a fun and easy way to use your Cricut or other cutting machines to create customer DIY home decor pieces. Technically, there are lots of different types of cut out art. I would consider the layer 3D mandalas that are super popular […]

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Dinosaur Paper Crafts

These dinosaur templates can be used for a variety of different dinosaur crafts from cards to artwork to toys and much more. Both my kids love dinosaurs. We’ve spent hours learning about different species of dinosaurs, done tons of dino inspired crafts and even found […]

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Paper Marigold Flowers

These paper marigold flowers are super festive and can be added to any bigger craft project easily. I can’t say this is my favorite flower but sometimes you just feel like making something a little different. These paper marigolds are pretty petty and make for […]

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Soft Pastels for Paper Flowers

Soft pastels are a chalk-based coloring agent to spruce up your paper flower designs. I follow all these crepe paper flower makers on instagram and I’m always so impressed with how realistic they are. I prefer to use cardstock for most of my paper flower […]

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Mason Jar Tissue Holder

These DIY tissue holders are super easy to make with a large recycled jar or a dedicated mason jar you can pick up at a lot of different retailers. There are a few things around the house that I’ve just never been able to find […]

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Waterfall Card Tutorial

Waterfall cards are fun interactive cards that you can use for any occasion. I actually only recently discovered waterfall cards. I think I came across a tutorial on Pinterest and was immediately intrigued. At first I thought it was super complicated but then upon further […]

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Paper Hyacinth Flower

I’ve created a simple paper hyacinth template that minimizes the amount of work it takes to assemble one of these paper flowers. I love creating templates that simplify the most complicated paper flower designs. This was one of those projects. I’ve been meaning to make […]

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Fun Fold Cards

This is a tutorial for fun fold cards that are mostly fun with little work unlike most things in life. I love these fun fold cards because not only are they super easy to make, you can customize them all you want with just a […]

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How to Make a Paper Lantern

This is a tutorial for a basic paper lantern along with some additional lantern making ideas to customize your project. While I made these paper lanterns with kids as an arts and crafts project, they can easily be customized for more serious affairs like weddings […]

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DIY Baby Mobile

These baby mobiles are super easy to make and are the perfect entertainment for the baby on the changing table. I’ve changed my fair share of diapers with two kids and one on the way. The last thing you want is a fussy baby with […]

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Paper Pansy Template

These paper pansies are super eye-catching and easy to make. They are fun paper flowers that will add a little extra to any craft project. Pansies are so cute in the real world I can’t believe it has taken me this long to make a […]