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Paper Gardenia Flower

While this paper gardenia project took a little longer than my other rolled paper flowers, it was well worth the effort. This is a tutorial for my layered paper gardenia. I have this big stack of frosted cardstock that I keep stockpiling but never use. […]

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Easy Occasion Cricut Cards

I once again found myself for a basic Thank You card that wasn’t too difficult to make and suited every circumstance. So here I am again, designing another set of every occasion cards. This time, I didn’t want anything too floral or feminine. I wanted […]

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DIY Wood Earrings

This is a tutorial on how to make wood earrings with both the Cricut Explorer and Maker. A while back, I did a project with basswood earrings and the Cricut Maker. I really didn’t enjoy that project. The saw dust got everywhere, it took forever […]

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Where to Buy Craft Supplies in Bulk

Craft supplies and blanks can really add up and if you are trying to start a handmade business, buying in bulk means significant savings and more margin for you in the end. After doing some research, I realized you don’t have to buy wholesale to […]

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Butterfly Bow Template

This is a tutorial for making butterfly bows with faux leather that can be turned into for hair clips, hair bands, and many other accessories. I made a set of basic faux leather bows a while back and thought it was one of the more […]


Free 3D Mandala SVGs

I’ve discovered a whole new category of paper crafts to do with my Cricut the other day, it’s layered mandalas. I’ll admit, I had seen a couple of these on Pinterest and vinyl mandalas are hugely popular but to be honest, I’ve never been super […]


Cricut Craft Generic Brand Materials

Sick of paying through the nose on Cricut supplies? Yeah, I hear you. I go through a lot of material to make crafts for this site. It’s not just the material cost that adds up, it’s also the equipment and the accessories that come with […]


Wafer Paper Flowers Tutorial

I’ve been wanted to make an edible flower for some time now and finally figured out how to make them effectively with wafer paper. Full disclosure, I was just playing around with different techniques so I actually didn’t use all food-grade equipment but that can […]

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DIY Feather Earrings

These feather earrings set might be my favorite out of all the leather earrings I’ve made. They were so easy to make and there are so many different things you can add to them with the base design. For a couple of the designs, I […]

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Paper Lotus Flower Template

I adapted one of my watercolor flower templates into this water lily paper flower. This paper flower is made with cardstock and so easy to assemble. As with most paper flowers, I don’t intend on this looking like an exact replica of a water lily. […]

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Lip Balm Holder Card

I love giving little gifts that don’t cost much but still add a personal touch. This lip balm holder card is the perfect way to send a little something, a thoughtful note or a quick thank you. I’m a little lip balm obsessed. I think […]

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Felt Ranunculus

I think buttercups might be the most underrated flowers. I think they are so cute and each flower is so full of personality. I always find the yellow/orange ones at our neighborhood florist but I rarely see the pink ones. I decided to make my […]

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