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Getting started with your Cricut has never been easier with this ebook!

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*this is a digital download, no physical book will be sent

Cracking the Cricut is a quick reference for...

What You'll Get

Image filled guides

Easy to understand screenshots so you can start making advanced projects immediately

Example based tutorials

Quick reference for Cricut Design Space and all the technical stuff explained


*this is a digital download, no physical books will be sent

Get started like a pro instantly

I was really intimidated by Cricut Design Space and this made it seem so much more approachable.

-Danielle S.

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Don’t let most expensive hobby tool you’ve ever bought just sit in the corner unopened.

Get started fast and unlock the  all those custom handmade goodies you’ve always wanted to make.

*this is a digital download (no physical books will be sent)

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What's included in Cracking the Cricut digital guide?

  • Design Space Orientation
  • Start and Save Projects
  • How to Weld
  • How to Slice
  • Rotate, Stretch and Duplicate
  • How to Contour
  • Upload an SVG Image
  • Upload A Bitmap Image (PNG/JPG)
  • Group and Attach
  • Print and Cut
  • Scoring Lines
  • Drawing with the pen
  • Align and Arrange
  • Flip and Mirror
  • RepositioningTemplates
  • Uploading a Font
  • Working with Fonts
  • Removing the background
  • Android/iOS Bluetooth Set Up
  • Different View within the Design Space Android/iOS App
  • Start and Save Projects Android/iOS
  • Unzipping a File Android/iOS
  • Uploading an SVG File Android/iOS
  • Uploading A Bitmap Image to Cut (PNG and JPG) Android/iOS
  • Layers and Sync in the App
  • SnapMat

Is it for my machine?

Yes, Cricut Design Space is an app that is used on all Cricut cutting machines

  • Cricut Explore
  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Cricut Explore One
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Cricut Maker

Ready to make all these projects and more?

* this is a digital download

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