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A guide to Adobe Illustrator for Cutting Crafts

Make Your Own SVG Cut Files

Crafty Designs II can help!

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Hi, I’m Ilyssa from Domestic Heights.

I’m an engineer turned crafter here to help you navigate all this silly technology involved in cutting crafts.

I’ve designed thousands of cutting machine projects by now. 

Hey, I totally get it, you’re not trying to get your PhD in graphics design. You just want to change the bow on Minnie Mouse ever so slightly. 

This isn’t some super pricey eCourse where you have to watch a Game of Thrones long series of videos to learn how to make a circle. 

This is just a simple e-book to get your started, teach you the basics, and get you on your way to making all those fancy designs for your cutting machine.

Turn your designs into reality.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is the most comprehensive graphics editing software available in market today:

  • Full suite of conversion capability to turn any image into an SVG cut file
  • Intuitive user friendly navigation
  • Powerful design features to scale your work easily

70+ Pages of Printable Quick Reference Guides

Adobe Illustrator is the most comprehensive full graphics editing software tool in the market to date. It was designed to satisfy all graphics designing needs.

Don’t get overwhelmed by complicated software!

I’ve pared it down to the essentials, all the basics you need to make cutting craft designs.

I’ve also included many examples and practice modules so you can practice the basics.

Sure, you can get some of this for free watching Youtube videos but do you really want to waste 20 minutes just leaning how to resize some text?

What about all those unique features for cutting crafts like “Attach” and “Group” in Cricut Designs Space, how do these SVGs translate?

Save yourself the headache and get this easy to use image filled step by step guide to graphics designing for cutting crafts.

*this is a digital download, no physical product will be sent

Limited Time Offer

ALL FOR $47!


*this is a digital download

What's included in this Adobe Illustrator e-book?

72 pages of screenshot filled tutorials for designing cutting crafts

How to start a project 

Saving Projects and Formats 

Illustrator Navigation 

Illustrator Menu Panels 

Rulers and Smart Guides

Vectorizing Photos and Graphics

Cleaning up Images 

Transparent PNGs

Adding and Editing Text 

Transforming Text Shapes 

*this is a digital download, no physical product will be sent

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