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Ready to turn your hobby into a profitable business?

  • Are you tired of making personalized goods for your friends for free?
  • Spending more and more on craft supplies?
  • Have you thought about making side income but just don't know where to start?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the technology involved in selling?
  • Are you afraid no one will buy your handmade goods?

Does this sound like you?


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  • Unlock the secrets behind all successful handmade business
  • Identify winning business idea using the problem statement technique
  • Use the smart pricing methodology to optimize your margins
  • Overcome technology hurdles with setup quick guides
  • How to scale your business the right way
  • Protect your business from future competition from the get go

Sell Smarter.

Get your biggest business questions answered, tackle tech challenges, get up and running faster, and set yourself on the path to success

Hi, I’m Ilyssa, the creator Crafty Business

I’m the founder of Domestic Heights, a resource for DIY, Home Decor and Crafts. I’m also a recovering corporate worker bee now finally on my path to doing what I love – designing handmade goods.

No, I’m not some artisan that stumbled upon a business selling something I made in my garage after a decade. I don’t have a personal struggle story where I accidentally figured out that one thing that made me millions that’s like totally not repeatable for anyone else.

I do, however, have multiple graduate degrees one of which is an MBA from a top ranked program (MIT Sloan) and 15+ years building and launching multi-million dollar products for fortune 100 companies.

And I’m sharing all of that knowledge as it is applied to handmade businesses with you here in Crafty Business.

The thing is, all successful businesses sit on top of the same fundamental building blocks. I’ve broken down those fundamentals into digestible and tactical tidbits along with a targeted plan for executing on that handmade business plan.

Why am I doing this? 

Because I believe in entrepreneurship as a the keys to financial independence. I believe everyone deserves to make a living doing what they love. I believe anyone equipped with the knowledge and the right attitude can be successful. And most importantly, I believe in you.


Hot List Now – A comprehensive research report on what’s selling now.

Just imagine if you could...

Turn your crafting hobby into a business doing what you love to do.

Sell your handmade goods online beyond just friends and family.

Support your family with flexible supplemental income.

Start your Crafty Business today

  • Create your own financial independence starting
  • Learn the proven formula for profitable businesses
  • Grow your dream business
  • Find freedom to work when you want where you want
  • Sell beyond your friends and family
  • Find security by being in financial control

What's Included in Crafty Business?

Plus, get this additional digital tools and resources...

Product Ideation Vault

Get the business idea brainstorming formula, vetting guidelines and the Mom Test check before you spend a dime.

Online/Offline Favorites

Save time and money with this comprehensive list of Craft Fairs registries, best online market places for handmade goods, point of sale technology recommendations and much more.

Set up Shop Technology Toolkit

Step by step instructions on how to set up your Etsy and Shopify Shops along with an easy to use product template

Numbers Psychology Secrets

Learn all the tricks behind pricing psychology and optimize your price point for extra margins.



  • Crafty Business eCourse
  • BONUS: Hot List Now
  • BONUS: Setup Shop Technology Toolkit
  • BONUS: Numbers Psychology
  • BONUS: Product Ideation Vault
  • BONUS: Online/Offline Recommendations

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The Quick Start Handmade Business Resource Designed to Grow with You

  • Have a concrete Plan of Action for what to do to best utilize time and resources
  • Feel confident in your business idea and build a solid foundation
  • Quickly get your business started without struggle or technology overwhelm

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