Cricut Beginners Tutorial – Print then Cut

In this lesson, we are going to cover the Flatten tool.

This one is super easy. It just seems more intimidating because it involves multiple machines.

We are going to print then cut out these cute unicorn ears and eye lashes.

unicorn wall decor

First, lets download our svg file here:

DH Unicorn Wall Decor

Upload your file to Design Space.

Quick note on zip files: You will need to “open” the zip file otherwise Design Space will not recognize the file. To “open”, right click on the file and click “open”, then select the file ending in .svg

Then we select the image and click on the “Flatten” button in the bottom right corner.

When you make it, it will send the image to be printed with special markers to your printer.

Afterwards, when you load the same printed piece to be cut, the Cricut will read the special markers to align cutting to precisely where the image was printed.