Cricut Beginners Tutorial – Slice and Contour

An essential part of using the Cricut is being able to make designs yourself in Design Space.

This tutorial covers how to use one of the most basic features used for graphics design in Design Space.

Our goal today is to make this Starry Night Wall Art.

Making Basic Shapes in Design Space

We want to start with the shapes tool available on the left hand side of the canvas.

You’ll notice there is no “moon” shape. That’s ok. We can easily make our own.

As it turns out, there are circles and you can make a moon out of two circles.

Click on the circles icon twice.

Overlay the circles offset so it creates a moon shape.

Make sure both circles are selected. Head over to the “Slice” button on the bottom right corner of the canvas and select it.

If you select the pieces of the circles, they now come apart.

Making the cut outs

Before we start with the rest of the cut outs. We need to draw a star shape. That is already included in the tool box so I will not need to make my own.

Then we need to draw a rectangular piece for us to cut out.

Start with the square icon in the shapes tool box.

When you highlight the square, you will notice in the bottom left corner there is a lock icon. We need to unlock the square to make it a rectangle.

We need to then position the moon on the rectangle where we want it.

Then select both the moon and rectangle and click on the slice button.

(I’ve changed the color of the rectangle and rearranged the layers so it is clearer in the screenshot but there is no need to do this step)

I then hide the moon cutout to keep things clean on the canvas.

Adding Stars

We are now going to cut out the stars one by one.

You might ask, why don’t we just duplicate the stars and cut them all out at the same time. Well, that would be nice but you can only “slice” 2 items at a time.

Same thing as above, position the star over the rectangle, select both shapes, then slice.


Lets just say you cut out 4 starts but wanted to make it with only 3 starts for now. But you might want 4 starts later and just want to temporary hide part of the image.

So remember Contour = hide part of the image

This is where we use the Contour button on the lower right hand side.

When you click on the image that you are working on, then the contour button, you will have the option to deselect pieces.

Make it

I put a nice gold metallic piece behind the cutout but it looks nice without as well!