Cricut Beginners Tutorial – Weld and Attach

This lesson covers two of the most common features of the Cricut Design Space – Weld and Attach – through making a lettered decal.

Isn’t this customized wine glass cute? You will be able to make this and many more at the end of this tutorial.

Typing words in Design Space

Lets start by typing the word “Awesome” on to the Design Space Canvas.

Click “Text” on the left column of tools.

Type your word. You can resize it using the icon highlighted in blue in the screenshot below.

Select the font “Alexis Mattox – Emma Rae”. It should be one of the first font choices.

Connecting the letters

As you may have noticed, the letters are separated and far apart.

The first thing you need to do is decrease the Letter Spacing until the letters connect. The Letting Space Button is in the middle of the top tool bar.

Uh oh, it just so happens this particular font doesn’t evenly space all letters in the same way. There’s a couple of paths forward from here.

You can leave it as is which is totally fine.

Or you can separate the word out and custom space the letters.

The break in this work is around the letter “o”. To work around this, I simple copy the word (select the text, right click then “copy”) and duplicate twice (right click then “paste” x2) This way, I preserve the font size.

I then delete each text until I have the 3 separate segments: “Awes”, “o”, and “me”

Attach the Letters

If you try and cut the word now, it may or may not be in order.

There are two functions that get conflated frequently: group and attach.

“Group” in the upper right corner of the canvas keeps the letters/images together on the canvas. For example, this is useful if you have a bunch of shapes together that you want to enlarge in the same proportions.

“Attach” keeps it together while it is cutting. Otherwise, the default setting on the Cricut is to optimize material and that is why it orders the images in funny ways. The “attach” button is in the bottom right corner

Weld the Letters for Cutting

If you try to make it at this point, you will notice there are multiple cut lines between the letters, not to mention an entire segment is separated.

This is not awesome.

Instead, we are going to “weld” the letters.

After positioning the word segments together, select the whole thing and click “weld” at the bottom right corner of the screen.

(quick note, its not possible to “unweld” so if you are not sure, just duplicate the words so you have a backup. Or if it done in the same session, you can simply undo)

Time to Make It

A couple of really obvious things that someone *ahem*, (maybe that someone might be me) didn’t realize my first time.

Make sure your material covers the area that is being cut. If it is is too big, resize it or get a bigger piece of material.

I like to test run all my projects which can get expensive using real material. I like to use glossy magazine covers or cereal boxes or paper grocery bags. These are all free items.

This leads me to my last pointer which is to make sure material setting is correct if you are switching between materials.

That’s it! In case you weren’t sure, you are now officially awesome! It is written on a wine glass. Congrats 🙂