19+ Free Cricut Card Designs

Welcome to my stash of free Cricut card designs. All these Cricut card ideas are available in my free resource library.

Cricut card making is super easy and there are endless projects that you can make with any Cricut machine. I’ve gathered quite a few Cricut card templates at this point and the stash is growing.

Cricut card making projects a great for both beginners and advanced crafters. They are also the perfect craft project to sell. Most of my projects here have a base design but you can add different sentiments and customize them to the occasion.

All of these free SVG card templates for Cricut card making are available in my resource library.

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    Cricut card making tutorials with free templates

    While I haven’t included all of my free Cricut card designs, here are a few of my most popular designs. I’ve included a link to the tutorial for the more complicated designs that need a little more instruction in the assembly process.

    Waterfall cards Cricut card designs

    While traditional waterfall cards can easily be made by hand without a cutting machine, I added a little more details to make these Cricut waterfall cards extra special.

    Fun Fold card making ideas

    I actually only recently discovered fun fold cards. Needless to say, they are true to their name and are super fun to fold and make.

    Cascading Cards

    While this card doesn’t have a lot of room to add a personal hand written note, it makes up for it in wow factor without a lot of fuss. Sometimes I just can’t figure out what to write in a card anyways. That’s when I pull out the cascading card.

    Cricut Popup Cards

    Everyone loves popup cards. Even the simplest pop up cards are well received. Did you know you can turn any text into a simple pop up card?

    Learn to design your own pop up cards with this tutorial.

    Here is a blooming flower card that will last way longer than any bouquet.

    Or maybe a single popup flower will make someone’s day.

    Here’s a general template to customize your own pop up card.

    Box Cards

    There are super versatile card where you can mix and match different template pieces to make each one a little different. Two of the box cards below actually use the same template designs but end up looking completely different.

    Maybe spinner cards are your thing?

    I have a free set of spinner card templates to get started if you’re not familiar with the design.

    Look to gift a little something with the card? Look no further than free my lip balm cards.

    Z Fold Cards

    This one is a little bit more complex. I have a tutorial on z fold cards here with a couple of free templates to give it a go yourself.

    Cricut Foil Cards

    Crazy for Cricut accessories? Check out my tutorial for making these foil cards. Don’t worry, I show you how to create the same look without the foil accessory.

    Free Cricut card projects for the holidays

    The holidays are my favorite time of the year to make hand made cards. It makes gift giving so much easier.

    Check out these Holiday Cards tutorials and make your own customized greeting this winter for your family and friends.

    While some people find gift cards to be impersonal, why not make it more special with its own dedicated DIY Gift Card Holders.

    Love is in the air all year round, no need to wait for a special occasion with these Rustic Love Cards

    Vintage is making a comeback, try these Chinoiserie Cricut Card that are great for any occasion.

    Card making ideas for the Cricut using other materials

    Give your printer a break and make these vinyl Gilded Floral Cards

    I love butterfly everything, here are some of my Butterfly Card Template and Tutorial

    Even the simplest sentiment can be make into a Cricut card, here are a few of my Simple Cricut Card Template and Tutorial

    Calligraphy doesn’t always have to be done with a pen, try these paper Hand Lettered All Occasion Cards Templates

    You don’t need to get out the paint or brush for this Watercolor Happy Birthday Cricut Card

    But if you do want to involve the pen, here is a tutorial for Writing Cricut Cards along with free templates

    There is also a lot you can do with watercolor images, here is my tutorial on How to Slice Watercolor Text Thank You Card

    More intricate Cricut card templates and designs

    I love making intricate patterns for card designs. Here are some of my earlier designs that are still fresh today.

    This Filigree Card Template can be made with both cardstock or vinyl.

    I love paper lace, here are a few of my Lace Cricut Card Template

    For more Cricut cards, check out all my free Cricut card designs here.

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