Cricut Tutorial – Converting Illustrations to Cut Files

This tutorials is for Cricut Crafters who also love hand lettering and doodling and want to turn their illustrations into SVG cut files.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Vectorizing your image

So there are may free resources to turn your bitmap image (common file formats include PNG, JPEG) to a cut file (or SVG format file).

I personally use a paid service called Vector Magic. I use a paid service because for vectorizing more complicated images like photos, it is really best in class and just makes my life easier. I don’t have to spend hours cleaning up the file. It is even better than Adobe Illustrator. This isn’t even an affiliate link, that’s how much I love this product.

For less effective file converters, I believe is a popular one among crafters. It sucks but its free.

To use one of these free SVG converters, you need to take you bitmap image (for this tutorial select the file “love example.jpg”) drag it into the converter tool and then download the converted file.

If you are interested in Inkscape (another free resource, I have a separate tutorial here)

I’ve also just done this step for you and you can download your example converted file here:

Love Example

Step 2: Uploading the SVG File to Design Space

After clicking on the “Upload” button, click “Upload Image”

Select the file “love example.svg”

Quick note on zip files: SVG files will frequently be distributed as a zipped file. To access the files in a zip folder, you need to either unzip them before uploading to Design space. Or right click and open the zip file during the upload image process and then click on the actual file ending in .svg

After Uploading your image, you should see all your most Recent Uploaded Images in a row. Select the most recent one, then click the green “Insert Image” on the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Cleaning up the File

Now that you’ve uploaded your svg image, you should see a bunch of cut pieces on the right column.

The goal here is to Ungroup all the nested groups until all the pieces you want are on their own.

There are 3 main elements you want to keep here, the flower, love and leaf.

Lets work on the flower first, select the flower on the black part of the element:

You want to ungroup all the pieces until the key piece is free from all the scraps. To do this, hit “Ungroup” in the upper right hand corner.

Select the item again in the black portion, if the Ungroup button is still available, hit it again.

Do this for the flower, love and leaf.

At this point, you want to hide the element you want to keep. To this this, for each piece, selected on the black portion. Then click on the eye icon and make sure it is shut.

The flower, love and leaf element should all be gone from the canvas.

At this point, all you should see is a bunch of little pieces.

Select all the little pieces by hitting [Ctrl] + A (or [Cmd] + A on a mac). Then hit Delete.

There should be nothing on your right hand column now except the flower, love and leaf.

Unhide everything by clicking the eye icon.

And there you go! You are all set.

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