Cricut Tutorial – Making Rolled Flower Templates

Uploading a Spiral Base

The only part of the rolled paper flower template that is hard to recreate in Design Space is the spiral base.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I have included several spiral bases for you here:

Spiral Base

A quick note on opening Zip files from Design Space: You need to open the Zip file and take out the SVG files to be able to upload. If you don’t want to do that, an alternative is to right click on the zip folder and select “open”.

To Upload a file in Design Space, Select the “Upload” tool in the left tool bar:

Lets start with Spiral Base A

Making a Petal Template

We are now going to make the petals. The easiest petal for this initial tutorial is a circle. A circle is easy because you won’t have to rotate it to add it to the spiral.

Use the Shapes Toll in the Left tool bar

Make a small circle no bigger than an inch wide (use the grid lines to help).

Applying the Petals to the Spiral

First, we need to duplicate the circle many times over. To do this, Select the circle and click on the “Duplicate” key in the upper right hand corner.

Now we are going to drag each of the duplicate circles to the spiral as follows:

Make more duplicate circle as necessary.

Don’t forget to add a center circle tab to glue the base of the rolled flower.

Welding Everything Together

Now that you have all the circle petals in the right place, we need to combine everything.

This is were the Weld tool comes into play.

Select everything on your canvas. (Short cut “Ctrl” + “A”)

Click “Weld” in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

The template should be all in one color now and all the different cuts on the side should have collapsed into one cut.

A quick note on Weld: you cannot “Unweld” but if you are in the same session, you might be able to “undo”. “Undo” is in the top left corner of the canvas.

That’s it! You can now “Make it”

This is just a basic rolled flower. I’ve included a couple of other spiral bases in the download above that have more loops. You can also get fancy with the petal shapes too.

Making more advanced petals

In case you are incline to make other shapes. You can use the “slice” function in the bottom right corner.

Here, I’ve created a square and heart using the Shapes tool. I overlapped the 2 objects. Selected both objects and then hit “Slice”. Voila! You have a new petal.

In case you are interested in my templates, I have more than 50 tutorials under the “Paper Flowers” category of the blog. Here’s a direct link to my Deluxe Rolled Flower Set.