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Get this digital quick reference to make the most out of your Cricut projects.

Cricut Tool Kit

Cricut Reference Card

Get this printable reference card to help you remember all the major tools to get started cutting amazing projects using your Cricut.

Shapes Art Ideas

No need to buy any templates when you can just make you own from all the basic shapes Cricut Design Space already offers.

SVG Templates

You can't just use any templates for the Cricut. Get this quick snapshot of how to convert any design to a cut file one using the native Cricut app, Inkscape (free graphics editor) and Adobe Illustrator.

Makes using the Cricut a Breeze

Can’t keep track of the different between Attach and Group?

*this is a digital download

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Hi there!

I’m Ilyssa, the founder of Domestic Heights. You’ve just signed up for to get free access to all my Cricut craft projects. (There’s almost 200 projects on my site!)

Needless to say, I’ve used my Cricut quite a bit and I’ve summed up the most relevant tips for getting started and keeping it easy in this quick reference set.

I look forward to crafting with you!

One time offer of only $4.99


Everything important about Cricut Design Space summed up in this quick reference.

*this is a digital download

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