Inkscape for Crafting

Did you buy a Disney SVG cut file somewhere and it came in one big piece?

Or maybe you want to make a different pair of shades for Mickey?

Or maybe you bought a rustic farmhouse sign SVG and there are a gazillion little scraps in the file? 

Or you just spent an hour making your own design in Cricut Designs Space or cleaning up something your googled and want to share it with your friend but can’t seem to export it out of the program?

Yup, we’ve all been there. 

I used to hack my way around Cricut Design Space trying to use their limited editing capabilities. 

It just seemed so daunting to learn how to use some of these graphics editing software programs and they are so expensive! 

So then I discovered Inkscape – a free graphics editing software that you can download to make and edit your own SVGs.

Naturally, I searched online to do every little function but all the tutorials were geared towards graphic designers trying to make all these elaborate images for book covers and flyers. 

I just wanted to make a decal of my dog…and maybe design my own flower template…and create my own knockout sign…and basically have the freedom to¬†design anything I see on Pinterest.

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to keep buying those SVG bundles and end up not getting exactly what you want anyway?

That is exactly what I had in mind when creating this Inkscape for Crafting Binder.

This is an image-filled binder with example projects that cover the most popular cutting machine crafts. 

Are you tired of watching hours of youtube videos trying to make a basic shape in Inkscape?

My favorite is when I have to rewatch a 30-second snippet over and over again because I can’t remember the sequence of clicks I was supposed to do to rotate a line of text.

STOP THIS INSANITY and save yourself that headache with this easy to use Inkscape for Crafting Binder. 

What’s included in Crafty Designs: Inkscape for Crafting?

67 image filled pages with screenshots to get you going on Inkscape in less time than it takes to search through those SVG bundled offerings.

  • Download and Install Inkscape
  • Basic Terms
  • Vector Elements
  • How to Start a Project
  • Saving Projects and File Formats
  • Navigating the Inkscape User Interface
  • How to Draw and Edit a Line
  • How to Draw and Edit a Polygon
  • How to Align and Distribute Graphics
  • How to Color and Outline Shapes
  • How to Duplicate and Group
  • How to Create and Edit Text

Bonus Modules: Design by Example

  • How to Make a Paper Flower Template
  • How to Vectorize a Photo – make a vinyl decal of your dog
  • How to Clean Up an Image
  • How to turn a graphic into an SVG – turn any image into a cut file
  • Working with Shapes and Lines – design your own sunglasses
  • Working with Text – making knockout designs

*note: this is a digital download, no physical copies of the book will be sent*

Wait, there’s more!

Get access to 200+ (and growing) SVGs and tutorials for cutting machines when you purchase today.

Get this quick reference to making your own SVGs and stop being so tethered to those SVG bundles that cost a fortune.

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