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If you answered YES to any of these questions, Crafty Designs can help you!



*this is a digital download, no physical product will be sent


Hi, I’m Ilyssa from Domestic Heights.

I’m an engineer turned crafter here to help you navigate all this silly technology involved in cutting crafts.

I’ve designed thousands of cutting machine projects by now. 

It’s nice to know the basics of vector graphics, especially when it involves FREE software that you can use on any type of computer.

Hey, I totally get it, you’re not trying to get your PhD in graphic design. You just want to change the bow on Minnie Mouse ever so slightly. 

This isn’t some super pricey eCourse where you have to watch a Game of Thrones long series of videos to learn how to make a circle. 

This is just a simple ebook to get your started, teach you the basics, and get you on your way to making all those custom t-shirts for your next Disneyland trip.


Access to 200+ SVG templates for hundreds of craft projects

*this is a digital download, no physical product will be sent

“I sooo needed this. I just wanted something simple and straightforward without too much technical detail.”

-Jodie P.

“I had heard about Inkscape but was too intimidated to use it. I thought it was for graphic designers.”

-Mary F.

“The images and screenshots were easy to follow and I was able to design something in less time than it took to find something to buy!”

-Jackie N.

Limited Time Offer

ALL FOR $47!


*this is a digital download

What is Inkscape? 

Inkscape is the only FREE graphics editing tool that:

  • Allows you to convert bitmap image (regular JPEG and PNGs) into cut files (SVGs)

  • Make changes to existing SVGs

  • Design SVG from scratch

The possibilities are endless for cutting crafts with Inkscape!

What's included in this Inkscape ebook?

67 pages of project-based tutorials for the most popular Cricut Crafts

  • Download and Install Inkscape

  • Basic Terms

  • Vector Elements

  • How to Start a Project

  • Saving Projects and File Formats

  • Navigating the Inkscape User Interface

  • How to Draw and Edit a Line

  • How to Draw and Edit a Polygon

  • How to Align and Distribute Graphics

  • How to Color and Outline Shapes
  • How to Duplicate and Group

  • How to Create and Edit Text
  • How to Make a Paper Flower Template

  • How to Vectorize a Photo – make a vinyl decal of your dog

  • How to Clean Up an Image

  • How to turn a graphic into an SVG – turn any image into a cut file

  • Working with Shapes and Lines – design your own sunglasses

  • Working with Text – making knockout designs

*this is a digital download, no physical product will be sent

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