Where to Buy Craft Supplies and Blanks in Bulk (Wholesale)

Craft supplies and blanks can really add up and if you are trying to start a handmade business, buying in bulk means significant savings and more margin for you in the end.

After doing some research, I realized you don’t have to buy wholesale to get a good deal. There is always a trade-off between holding inventory and getting a good per unit cost.

For some of the items on this list, you can actually find a decent deal just on Amazon. If the net savings isn’t that much, then buying more on-demand might be a better bet.

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Vinyl – Bulk Permanent Vinyl and HTV Options

I find Amazon to be the best option for reliable affordable vinyl. Here are a few of my favorite brands:

HTVRONT – They always have a nice assortment of the latest colors in addition to basics.

JANDJPACKAGING – I know, I know, terrible name but whatever, the vinyl is good.

CAREGY – Another terrible name but reliable material.

ORACAL – They do mostly permanent adhesive vinyl.

Expression Vinyl is also another reliable source. They also carry the majority of the well-known brands.

I used to recommend more stand-alone online shops for HTV but they come and go so quickly it’s not as reliable. Just stick to Amazon for HTV even in bulk. A lot of manufacturers will list their items at wholesale prices even on Amazon.

Bulk Supplies for Craft Paper

Amazon Paper Options

Again, Amazon reigns supreme here when it comes to both quantity and quality. I’ve cheap on some of these brand’s actual websites and it’s basically the same price as it is on Amazon except you don’t need to pay for shipping if you have Prime.

Other Options for Bulk Paper

Joann – A few times a year, Joanna has this amazing deal on their single-sheet selection for about $0.10 apiece. While the regular deals on the cardstock assorted packs are not bad, I’m not a huge fan of some of the brands they carry. They are intended to die-cut crafts and don’t do well with a cutting machine.

Michaels – This crafts supply store usually costs an arm and a leg but it’s not bad for cardstock. There is usually some deal every other week or so that gets the letter-sized Recollections assorted stack of 50 sheets down to $3. That’s a pretty good deal in my book. Here are some of my favorites:

Paper Paper – This is where I buy the bulk of my paper. The quality and variety are unbeatable. Here are a few variety packs that are great for starters.

Other wholesale craft blanks

One of the best types of products for crafters to sell is customized products. A monogrammed gift is almost always a great choice for almost any occasion from birthdays to weddings. Depending on what you like to work with, here are a few of the more popular customizable products.

T-Shirts in bulk

Gildan – If you’ve ever shopped for blank t-shirts at Michael, you probably recognize this brand. I don’t love the quality, they are a bit rough but the price and color selection is good.

Fruit of the Loom – Good old Fruit of the Loom has some great smaller bulk quantity options. While they are still a bit thin (unless you pay more for the beefy options) but the touch is a bit softer than Gildan.

Hanes – Another brand similar to Fruit of the Loom.

Jiffy Shirts is the place to go for custom t-shirt makers. You can get an adult-sized blank shirt for less than $2. They carry a lot of other blanks as well.

Aliexpress – This is probably the cheapest option here. Aliexpress products are direct from the warehouse in China. You have to pay for shipping and it takes a while but the prices are unbeatable.

Shirt Space – Another D2C website focused on wholesale t-shirts.

Kids blank t-shirts

I’ve said this many times but the best kind of gifts I like receiving for my kids are clothes. Love getting clothes clothes because they are so useful. Toys can be hit or miss. My sister in law has a rule for no toy gifts that make noise. I love that and need to do a better job of enforcing it in our household.

For crafters looking for a seriously great product to make and sells like crazy…. let me tell you… customized kids clothes. People go nuts buying customized stuff for kids.

Tumblers and Mugs in Bulk

Insulated tumblers – You can’t get a better deal than this option on Amazon

STRATA – Strata is a super reliable brand of bulk tumblers what great variety and texture finishes.

Cupture – If you are looking for tall skinny tumblers, Cupture has a lot of options.

Ceramic Mugs – I love these basic ceramic mugs. They are perfect for customizing on so many occasions.

Water Bottles – Another great area of small business opportunity is customized water bottles.

Totes and Bags Wholesale

TOPDESIGN – They make great basics, from the canvas tote to grocery bags.

TFB Bags – A little higher in quality but still very affordable canvas bags of all sorts.

Blank backpacks for monogramming – These simple non-branded backpacks are great for customizing and as gift bags

Fanny Packs – Fanny packs are back in, customize your for the perfect gift!

A few other notable mentions for bulk craft blanks

Etsy – I both love them and hate them for it. Over the past decade, Etsy has just been taken over by foreign manufacturers selling their supplies. It makes it a terrible shopping experience for the actual consumer looking to buy handmade but it always provides access for the artisans that would otherwise not have it. Here are some of the areas where Etsy has a lot of great vendors:

Blank sandals to monogram – These bulk flip-flops are great for customizing.

Wood sign blanks wholesale – If you’re not in the mood to sand and stain your own wood signs, just order them from Etsy. They have an amazing selection of ready made rustic blank signs.

There’s always Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Store and other discount vendors with brick and mortar shops. Daiso Japan is another discount store similar to the Dollar Store in theme.

I’ve also found Ikea to be a great source for frames, pillowcases and ceramics.

Facebook also has several Buy and Sell groups intended for wholesale products.

Interested in some free templates and printables to get your creative juices going on what to make and sell?

Cricut Blanks Wholesale Bags

Furthermore, you can also buy Cricut blanks wholesale bags from craft stores and online retailers as well. Notably, making wholesale bags with Cricut is both fun and functional! In addition, there are so many different craft blanks bulk material options to make your custom bag. For example, I love canvas tote bags for the beach, grocery shopping, and taking my kids to the park.

Many retailers also sell fabric cinch packs you can purchase in bulk as well. This is great for Cricut and Silhouette iron-on and vinyl crafts. Additionally, you can also buy tasseled makeup pouches, wallets, and backpacks for Cricut wholesale.

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