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Tips and tutorials on how to make money selling crafts

DIY State Art

Customized state wall art is the perfect DIY decor project for your own home or as a welcoming gift for a house warming. For a good five years or so, we had so many weddings to attend every year I had to set aside a […]

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Free Pinterest Marketing Course

Whether you are blogging for traffic or marketing your own crafts business, Pinterest is an essential platform to use for your digital marketing strategy. Everyone claims the heydays of easy free traffic from Pinterest is over. Or worse, you have to pay for Ads now […]

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Where to Sell Crafts Online

Interested in selling crafts from home? This is a beginner’s guide to how to start selling crafts online. The pandemic has forever changed commerce even if you are just a small shop getting started. Almost all shops are now expected to have an online presence. […]

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How to Start a Sticker Business

This is an article on how to make stickers to sell, what are the best selling stickers, and where to sell stickers online. Adults use stickers, kids love stickers, everyone loves stickers. Selling stickers can be a very lucrative business to start that can also […]

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How to Photograph Products to Sell

Investing a few dollars on great product pictures that will pay back in more sales is a no brainer for anyone selling online. With so many cameras and photography tools available in the market today, it is relatively easy to get a professional-grade product photo […]

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Cricut Business Cards

It’s only appropriate to have handmade business cards for your crafts business. Here’s a tutorial on how to make them with a set of free business card templates. One of the easiest things to make is your own business card. Starting a small business on […]

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How to Make SVG Files to Sell

This is an introductory tutorial on how to make an SVG file in Inkscape and other software used to create SVG files. One of the easiest ways to make (semi) passive income these days is to sell digital goods. My Facebook feed is inundated with […]

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Where to Buy Craft Supplies in Bulk

Craft supplies and blanks can really add up and if you are trying to start a handmade business, buying in bulk means significant savings and more margin for you in the end. After doing some research, I realized you don’t have to buy wholesale to […]


9 Tips for Selling Cricut projects on Etsy

Looking for some Cricut Etsy ideas to pay for the most expensive craft hobby ever? Here are some of the hottest selling items on Etsy to help you get started. Selling online in today’s world is a circus. It is easier than a decade ago […]

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