9 Valentine Crafts to Make and Sell

Valentine’s Day is another great holiday for handmade craft makers and sellers.

As we spend Valentine’s Day with our loved ones, we make sure to prepare as much as we can. If you check my blog, you know that I adore holidays and special occasions. They give me the drive to make crafts and prepare endless designs.

valentine crafts to make and sell

If you’re like me, you know how enjoyable crafting is. You can freely express your creativity without restrictions. We usually offer our crafts to our family and friends. However, this excitement can be short-lived once the holiday or special occasion pass and you still have extra gifts to give.

Don’t throw that gift immediately! You may want to consider selling Valentine’s Day gifts. Yes, you can do it, especially if you have a ton of time and energy to spare. It will also help you hone your skills better.

If you decide to start selling some crafts for Valentine, make sure to prepare a catalog of gifts to offer. However, if you are uncertain, you can research for some inspiration. And you’re in luck; I have a list you can check out.

I have been making crafts for years now. And, I can recommend some Valentine’s Day crafts you can start trying. Most of these are easily made and can be delivered immediately within the same day. Before making any of these Valentine’s Day gifts, I advise that you try doing multiple drafts to perfect it. At the same time, make sure to include your style. Try to make a design that will help build a buzz.

If you’re ready to start, make sure to prepare your crafting materials and inspirations. If you’re busy, you can practice an hour a day until you are certain that you are prepared.

The templates for many of these projects featured here are free and available in my resource library. Sign up for my newsletter, get access to 400+ free project templates and give these projects a try!

Valentine’s Day Cards

One of the best Valentine’s Day Gifts available is classy and well-made cards. Although simple, they carry so much weight in terms of sentimental value. The purchaser can simply write a letter to the recipient. And ta-da! A great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift.
Speaking of sentimental value, photos hold another level of sentimental value to anyone who receives it. Memories printed on paper never get old. But instead of a plain photo, why not make a layout based on the image instead? Check out my tutorial on how to make silhouette art for more details.
If you think a simple Valentine’s Day card is not enough, you can try to upgrade it to Valentine’s pop-up card. The card shows effort and is basically a great show-off versus other Valentine’s Day Cards. You can also easily customize these pop-up bouquet cards depending on your client’s taste.
You can also opt for Valentine’s Day Cards that have an upgraded design. You can add designs in front of the card. You can also place pieces of message on small envelopes placed on the card.

Lastly, you can create small keychains with Valentine’s theme. It does not need to be extravagant; a simple homemade token on a chain is good enough. You can also customize the materials by letting your clients decide. Check out my tutorial on how to make leather keychains for more details.

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valentine crafts to make and sell
valentine crafts to make and sell

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