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Felt Cosmos Flowers

These Cosmos felt flowers are the perfect accessory for any home decor project or simply as a hair accessory. I like easy craft projects because crafting is fun. Once in a while, I do like to challenge myself with something new but I have to […]

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No-Sew Felt Orchids

This is a tutorial for easy no-sew felt orchids that are perfect for home decor and other DIY craft projects. I’ve never been able to keep a real-life orchid alive for long. Even the few times I actually made effort, it lasted maybe like a […]

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DIY Felt Daffodils

This is a tutorial for an easy no-sew felt daffodil that you simply just cut and glue together. Some flowers are just better suited for certain materials and the daffodil I feel like is one of them. I altered my paper daffodil template slightly to […]

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Felt Ranunculus

I think buttercups might be the most underrated flowers. I think they are so cute and each flower is so full of personality. I always find the yellow/orange ones at our neighborhood florist but I rarely see the pink ones. I decided to make my […]

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DIY Felt Succulents

I made this set of felt succulents using my Cricut and I’m sharing my templates and tips for these easy DIY felt succulents in this tutorial. I thought the felt succulents I made for this project would be similar to the paper succulents set I […]

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Felt Daisy Template

I’ve been on a felt flowers kick lately and decided to convert one of my paper flower templates to the felt version. I used tiny pompoms for the center but I also designed a fringe rolled core is you don’t feel like getting more material […]


DIY Felt Poppy Flower

I made this DIY Poppy originally as a hair tie for my daughter but it’s also a great flower for wreath making or shadow boxes. I love the color combination of this felt poppy. The contrast between the red black and splash of yellow really […]


Felt Sunflower Template

This is a tutorial for how to make felt sunflowers that you can add to pretty much any home decor or crafts project. I made a paper sunflower a while back which was fun but sometimes paper just doesn’t look right in certain projects. There’s […]