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Knockout Text in Cricut Design Space

This is a tutorial for creating layered knockout text for vinyl and cardstock projects using Cricut Design Space. I know most knockout tutorial online showcase that family name sign. I wanted to create something that was a little bit cuter and more applicable towards all […]

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Best Glue for Every Craft

Believe it or not, you can probably use a different type of glue for every single craft you do. There is a bewildering number of choices out there when it comes to choosing an adhesive for your craft project. Not every glue is well suited […]

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How to Make 3d Pop up cards with the Cricut

This is a tutorial for how to design and make easy pop up cards for all occasions with your Cricut cutting machine. I love pop up cards but I don’t love trying to figure out how to assemble them. I made that Happy Birthday Pop […]


DIY Mandala Cards

This is a tutorial for how to turn any pattern design into a card using Cricut Design Space. Turning any SVG pattern or design into a card is super easy with the Cricut. It is a great way to repurpose a design you already have […]

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How to Make SVG Files to Sell

This is an introductory tutorial on how to make an SVG file in Inkscape and other software used to create SVG files. One of the easiest ways to make (semi) passive income these days is to sell digital goods. My Facebook feed is inundated with […]

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Contour in Cricut Design Space

No, it’s not a makeup application for the cutting machine. You’re not outlining anything either. You’re actually just temporarily hiding things. I have no idea why Cricut coined the term “contour” for this function because it is not intuitive in the least bit. I thought […]

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How to Remove Vinyl and HTV

You may want to remove vinyl because of a mistake or to reuse the base materials. Regardless, it is possible and there are many ways to get this done. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same DIY piece at home and want to switch […]

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Organizing Craft Room Ideas for Small Spaces

I want to share some of my craft supplies storage and organization ideas from my craft room makeover. Living in a big city, real estate comes at a premium. I have no dedicated craft room. I can barely say I have a craft corner. I […]

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How to Clean Cricut Mat

This is a tutorial for how to most effectively clean your Cricut mats. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really bothered, I have always just bought new ones because regardless of how well you clean these mats, they will never be as good as new. I […]

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Cricut Craft Generic Brand Materials

Sick of paying through the nose on Cricut supplies? Yeah, I hear you. I go through a lot of material to make crafts for this site. It’s not just the material cost that adds up, it’s also the equipment and the accessories that come with […]


Stickers with Cricut Machines

This is a tutorial on how to make stickers with the Cricut cutting machine. I will cover how to make shadow layers, how to make kiss cuts on sticker paper and how to foil your designs using a set of planner sticker examples. I remember […]