How to Make Silhouette Art

This is a tutorial for making quick and easy silhouette SVGs from your favorite photos for various cutting machine and other art projects. The possibilities are endless with silhouette art. The real professional artist will probably bawk at my method here but hey, whatever the […]

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DIY Map Home Decor

If you are looking for a personalized housewarming gift or something to make for your own home, this is an easy home map sign you can make with every day affordable materials. I’m a little tired of gifting only the registry items for wedding these […]

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Felt Daisy Template

I’ve been on a felt flowers kick lately and decided to convert one of my paper flower templates to the felt version. I used tiny pompoms for the center but I also designed a fringe rolled core is you don’t feel like getting more material […]

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DIY Felt Poppy Flower

I made this DIY Poppy originally as a hair tie for my daughter but it’s also a great flower for wreath making or shadow boxes. I love the color combination of this felt poppy. The contrast between the red black and splash of yellow really […]


DIY Post It Note Holder

Make these cute handmade post-it note holders for yourselves or gift it to someone with a thoughtful note! I love making little personalized gifts that cost next to nothing, especially when it’s as versatile as post-it notes. I mean, everyone uses post-it notes. Even my […]

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DIY Sculptured 3D Leather Earrings

I first saw these neat earrings in a jewelry store in the French Quarters in New Orleans of all places. My first thought was I can make these with my Cricut! I have to admit, it was a little mind-boggling at first to figure out […]

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How to Make Waterslide Decals

In this waterslide decal tutorial, I will show you how to remove the background off of any image, recommend the best waterslide decal paper and provide tips on how to make the most out of your waterslide decal image using this puppy tumbler example. I […]

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Stickers with Cricut Machines

This is a tutorial on how to make stickers with the Cricut cutting machine. I will cover how to make shadow layers, how to make kiss cuts on sticker paper and how to foil your designs using a set of planner sticker examples. I remember […]

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Easy DIY Notebook Cover

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make your own journal cover with this super simple notebook cover design for handmade leather or fabric covers. I love having a handy notebook around for all my random thoughts and to do items. I find […]

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How to Make Flower Pop Up Cards

This is a tutorial for a DIY flower bouquet pop up card with instructions on how to make this with your Cricut or by hand with free SVG and printable templates. I saw this blooming flower pop up card tutorial on some viral video online […]

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5 Free Hair Bow Templates

This is a tutorial for leather hair bows with free printable and SVG bow templates that you can use to make your own. My daughter hair finally grew long enough to do something with so I made a set of faux leather hair bows. I […]