DIY Honeycomb Decorations

This is a tutorial on how to make paper honeycomb shapes for various craft projects.

This honeycomb lattice is used for many things from packaging to home decor. I personally love it for all sorts of craft projects around the house and for the kids.

It’s super easy to do and versatile in terms of designs. You can make it with virtually any symmetrical shape. From hearts to circles to even pears, there are endless possibilities with this technique.

I will show you how to make a basic heart-shaped honeycomb ball. Using this technique, you can turn any symmetrical two-dimensional design into a festive 3-dimensional piece.

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Materials for DIY Honeycomb Ball

Paper – Thinner low weight paper works best for this. I used origami paper for this tutorial but copy paper or tissue paper works as well. I like this double sided origami set from Amazon.

Glue– Any glue works here although if you are looking for fast drying times, glue dots are probably the easiest to use.

Templates – This pair of honeycomb pears card printable template is free and available in my resource library.

How to make paper honeycomb hearts

Step 1: Cutout your Honeycomb ball base shape

There are two ways to go about this. You can trace and cut out the whole symmetrical shape and then fold it in half. Alternatively, you can just cut up just the half piece of the whole symmetrical shape.

In this example, I’ve cut out the whole heart.

Step 2: Glue alternate leaves of the honeycomb

The base construction of the honeycomb consists of alternating glue points. With my folded heart half, I’ve decided to apply 3 dots of glue along the outer edge within the fold.

I will then alternate with 2 glue dots between each folded leaf.

Step 3: Add the alternating glue dots

This doesn’t have to be super precise and it also depends on how big your piece is. Make sure there is enough spacing between the glue spots. Try to aim for a minimum of 1 cm of space between each glue spot.

Step 4: Glue the ends together

Leave your glued assembly to dry for a bit. When the stack has dried, glue the final two leaves together.

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diy honeycomb paper decor
diy honeycomb paper decor
diy honeycomb paper decor

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