9 DIY birthday cards for dad with Free Printables

There are so many best homemade dad birthday cards for kids to create. I love making DIY birthday cards for Dad with my kids. Not only is it a great craft we can do together, but seeing my husband’s face light up at a handmade card is so heart-warming.

diy dad birthday card ideas

A simple handmade card for dad can go a long way. For example, you can make a birthday pop-up card or use household items to make something truly unique. Adding photos of dad with your kids is another great way to customize your card. Of course, you can also make a card that matches your husband’s hobbies.

Whether he enjoys sports, carpentry, engineering, or art, a DIY birthday card is great to make his special day more meaningful. You can use hand heart card kits to make these cards quickly and easily with your kids. Since all the materials come pre-cut, you don’t have to worry about your kids getting cut with scissors or paper cut knife blades. All you have to do is assemble the materials and decorate.

In this post, I’ll go through some of the best homemade dad birthday cards projects that you can make with your kids. This way, you can make your husband’s special day one to remember.

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Lollipop Prize Ribbon Card

dad birthday card ideas

First, I love making lollipop prize ribbon cards with my kids. These cards are great if you have a birthday gift and are looking for an extra accent to dress up the wrapping paper. I think these prize ribbons work great as gift ribbons.

Plus, there are so many great puns you can do with this DIY dad birthday card. For example, you can write “Sweetest Pop” vertically on the ribbons. Alternatively, your kids may choose to write “#1 Pop.”

I love making these prize ribbon with brightly colored cardstock. By leaving a circle cut in the center, you can leave space to add a lollipop as well. This sweet treat is perfect to customize any pop’s birthday.

DIY Tool Belt Card for Dad

dad birthday card ideas

In addition, DIY tool belt cards are perfect for any dad with a passion for handy work, carpentry, or fixing things around the house. Usually, these cards have a wrench, hammer, and saw. You may also include a screwdriver and ruler as well.

This is a great handmade card for dad from son or daughter, especially if he’s taught them to use tools. Since there are so many different tools, your kids can each decorate their own part of the card. Then, they can each write their own happy birthday message.

Wallet Card for Dad

diy birthday cards for dad

Next, homemade wallet cards for dad’s birthday are another fun craft you can do with your kids. Fortunately, many craft stores now carry faux leather cardstock or brown paper, which is great to make leather wallet replicas.

Additionally, I love this DIY leather wallet card because you can put a gift card right in the inside pocket! If you want to fill the other pockets, you can add a photo of your husband and kids. Your kids might also make DIY dad coupons in place of cash.

For example, your kids might make chore coupons such as help with the laundry, dishes, or taking out the trash. On the other hand, you can also make them for activities you can do together, such as movie night, hiking, or going out for dinner.

DIY Tie Birthday Card

DIY tie birthday cards are another creative homemade birthday card for dad you can make. This is perfect for any dad who works in corporate business or finance. Of course, it’s also great for any dad with a sense of fashion was well.

I like this handmade dad birthday card because of all the extra room it has for personalization. Your kids can easily decorate the outside to match your husband’s outfits!

diy birthday cards for dad

Or maybe Dad is more of a bow tie man? Try this bow tie galore DIY card if that is the case:

diy dad birthday cards

Handmade Camera Birthday Card

diy dad birthday cards

Additionally, handmade camera birthday cards for dad are another great way to customize your gift. I love this DIY father birthday card idea for how versatile it is.

For example, you can make this with your kids to give to artsy dads with a passion for photography. Of course, this is also great to give when you want to remind him of a positive memory he has with you and your kids.

For this card, you just need to print out a picture to put in the center circle of the card. When printing, be sure to size it properly to fit it within the opening.

Super Dad Card

Every Dad is a superhero in his own way. Why not cement his title with a heartfelt card:

diy dad birthday cards

Popup handmade birthday card ideas for dad

This card has a lot of *pop* for Pops. Terrible jokes aside, it is super easy to make:

diy father birthday card

Sports Dad birthday card ideas

diy father birthday card

Be sure to try out these best homemade dad birthday cards for kids to create. With their custom touch, they’re sure to make any birthday or Father’s Day more special.

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