Hi there!

My name is Ilyssa. Welcome to Domestic Heights!

I started DH as a creative outlet for me and a way to share both my own DIY projects and some of my favorite resources for home decor and crafts.

I love making things but usually with a purpose in mind. Sometimes it’s just to make something fun with the kids. Sometimes it’s for a dinner party I’m hosting with friends. Other times I might be decorating a friend’s baby shower. Most of the time, I just don’t feel like to pay full price for something I found at a store and would rather make it myself.

On a personal note, I grew up in the mid-west. I’m married to a Swede and we live in San Francisco with our two energetic toddlers. Other than DIY and Home Decor, I’m an organizing fanatic, perpetual list maker and relentless snacker.

My background is in engineering. I went to University of Illinois (UIUC) for undergrad, go Illini! I then spent some time in Boston getting my MBA and masters in Electrical Engineering from MIT. (err, go Beavers! somehow it doesn’t have the same ring, ha) I can’t decide if the winters are worse in the midwest or east coast.

I’ve worked in all sorts of industries from aerospace (yes, I was a rocket scientist, not a very good one though), telecommunications, enterprise software and then energy efficiency/green tech but I decided to quit my corporate job a couple of years ago to try something new.

Ironically, a lot of my corporate experience translates to crafting. I’ve done a lot of design work from circuit design to powerpoint.  So I’ve translated all this accumulated boring desk job skills into craft designs, from template design to 3D modeling in this blog.

Outside of crafts, I have lots of other interest. I’m a retired pageant girl who still gets involved with community charity work. My platform has always been to encourage young women to pursue careers in STEM. I have also interested in energy conservation and micro-finance and used to volunteer as a regional president of a micro-finance non-profit called Wokai. I had to take a break from it when the kids came along because I just couldn’t fit it in but I intend on getting back to it all.

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