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Cricut Pop up Flower Card

I created this pop-up flower card template for a fun easy cardmaking project using the Cricut cutting machine. I don’t know why but pop up cards are just so much more fun than the flatter two-dimensional kind. Maybe it’s the surprise element? I’ve been wanting […]

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DIY Felt Daffodils

This is a tutorial for an easy no-sew felt daffodil that you simply just cut and glue together. Some flowers are just better suited for certain materials and the daffodil I feel like is one of them. I altered my paper daffodil template slightly to […]

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DIY Paper Carnation

Carnations get such a bad rep, they are cute and versatile flowers that can complement any bouquet. While I’ve made the rolled carnation type of paper flower before, I wanted to redesign something that gave a little more control over how the petals offset each […]

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Paper Orchid Flower

This is such a simple flower to make, I almost didn’t write a tutorial for it. But here we are so don’t laugh at how straight forward this one is. Orchids are notoriously temperamental in real life. I have failed basically every time I’ve been […]

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Paper Dahlia Template

This paper Dahlia might be the favorite paper flower I’ve made so far. It looks so complicated but it’s actually not. I’ve structured the template to minimize having to finagle too much when assembling the whole thing together. For how complicated it looks, it was […]


Paper Buttercup Flower

The common buttercup is actually part of the ranunculus flower family but looks nothing like their other multiple petal layered cousin. I guess if you look closely at the stamen of the buttercup, it looks like a bunch of underdeveloped petals so, from that perspective, […]

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Cardstock Paper Blooming Rose

There are so many different varietals of roses I could probably dedicate an entire website to just paper roses. At this point, I’ve made a few different types of roses from a giant one, to a layered one to a rolled rose. I thought I […]

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Paper Gardenia Flower

While this paper gardenia project took a little longer than my other rolled paper flowers, it was well worth the effort. This is a tutorial for my layered paper gardenia. I have this big stack of frosted cardstock that I keep stockpiling but never use. […]

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Wafer Paper Flowers Tutorial

I’ve been wanted to make an edible flower for some time now and finally figured out how to make them effectively with wafer paper. Full disclosure, I was just playing around with different techniques so I actually didn’t use all food-grade equipment but that can […]

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Paper Lotus Flower Template

I adapted one of my watercolor flower templates into this water lily paper flower. This paper flower is made with cardstock and so easy to assemble. As with most paper flowers, I don’t intend on this looking like an exact replica of a water lily. […]

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Felt Ranunculus

I think buttercups might be the most underrated flowers. I think they are so cute and each flower is so full of personality. I always find the yellow/orange ones at our neighborhood florist but I rarely see the pink ones. I decided to make my […]

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Layered Paper Rose

This will be my third paper rose at this point but I feel like it was the easiest to make. The rolled paper rose was easier to make but harder to control the offset of the petals. The giant single petal rose was tedious to […]