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Paper Poinsettia

One of my favorite flowers for the holidays is the poinsettia. This is a tutorial for a simple paper poinsettia. The best part of paper poinsettias is that they are not poisonous for cats, dogs and small children! This is one of those paper flowers […]

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Paper Marigold Flowers

These paper marigold flowers are super festive and can be added to any bigger craft project easily. I can’t say this is my favorite flower but sometimes you just feel like making something a little different. These paper marigolds are pretty petty and make for […]

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Soft Pastels for Paper Flowers

Soft pastels are a chalk-based coloring agent to spruce up your paper flower designs. I follow all these crepe paper flower makers on instagram and I’m always so impressed with how realistic they are. I prefer to use cardstock for most of my paper flower […]

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Paper Hyacinth Flower

I’ve created a simple paper hyacinth template that minimizes the amount of work it takes to assemble one of these paper flowers. I love creating templates that simplify the most complicated paper flower designs. This was one of those projects. I’ve been meaning to make […]

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Paper Pansy Template

These paper pansies are super eye-catching and easy to make. They are fun paper flowers that will add a little extra to any craft project. Pansies are so cute in the real world I can’t believe it has taken me this long to make a […]


Paper Hydrangea Template

These DIY paper hydrangeas are super easy to make and can be an impressive addition to any decor craft project. I’ve wanted to make a paper hydrangea design for a while but was held back by the need for a form mold and what I […]

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Paper Plumeria Flowers

Plumeria flowers are the ultimate tropical flower and now you can bring a little bit of vacation mode home with you with this paper plumeria template. I have fond memories of plumeria flowers. On our honeymoon in Bali, I had booked just a regular room […]

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Paper Iris Template

Paper Irises are super simple to make and can add that extra flair to any craft or DIY home decor project. I finally found a camp for my son to attend the past couple of weeks. He is happy to finally be out of the […]

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Cricut Pop up Flower Card

I created this pop-up flower card template for a fun easy cardmaking project using the Cricut cutting machine. I don’t know why but pop up cards are just so much more fun than the flatter two-dimensional kind. Maybe it’s the surprise element? I’ve been wanting […]


DIY Paper Carnation

Carnations get such a bad rep, they are cute and versatile flowers that can complement any bouquet. While I’ve made the rolled carnation type of paper flower before, I wanted to redesign something that gave a little more control over how the petals offset each […]

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Paper Orchid Flower

This is such a simple flower to make, I almost didn’t write a tutorial for it. But here we are so don’t laugh at how straight forward this one is. Orchids are notoriously temperamental in real life. I have failed basically every time I’ve been […]

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Paper Hellebore Tutorial

The hellebore is such a cute and easy to make flower that is also super versatile for any paper flower artwork project or bouquet. This particular paper flower is actually very similar in structure as the paper buttercup and magnolia flower but even easier to […]

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