9 Pop Up Heart Cards with free templates

Everyone loves pop-up valentines cards.

Cards are one of the best gifts one can receive for any occasion. Although really simple, cards are noteworthy gifts with great sentimental value. And, anyone can buy it from your Hallmark stall or local stationery store. For Valentine’s Day, cards are always the to-go gifts. It can be special when accompanied by a whip of effort.

pop up heart card templates

However, there are instances where we want to make cards a little bit special for our loved ones. To give it a touch of personality, we can create and design homemade cards. I understand that a lot of us are not creative. I used to think that way. Sometimes, you just need a dash of inspiration and guide. I’ll be introducing some Valentine’s Day card designs that even newbies can make.

Instead of a simple card design, I decided to share a unique design that requires a little bit of effort. Your loved one will definitely appreciate it. A Pop-up Card is a not-your-ordinary greeting card. It is designed to have printables pop once the card is flipped open.

Personally, I like Pop-up Cards because they are interactive. They have additional flavors from your ordinary greeting cards. I try to do Pop-up Cards once in a while, especially if I have a cute printable to use. I usually make Pop-up Cards for birthdays. One of the interesting Pop-up Cards I’ve made is a Valentine’s Day theme. Young children love them and adults adore them. 

If you think Valentine’s Day Pop-up Cards are difficult, I have simple designs you can easily follow. You do not need craft expertise; you just need some love and creativity.  We will be making a range of Pop-up Heart Cards perfect for this Valentine. No worries, anyone can do it! Even your clueless husband…

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Pop Up Heart Card Ideas

Pop-up Heart Cards need not be red, pink, and white. You can make an elegant look with colors Navy Blue and Gold.
How about a spinner popup card? Prepare your scissors and follow the instructions in my spinner card tutorial with free templates. It’s easy and this heart will pop!
Looking for something challenging? Here’s a Pop-up Heart Card that requires extra time for these extra roses.
Or, are you looking for something simpler? Here’s a Pop-up Heart Card with tons of heart cuts.
If you’re looking for something cute, then I have small hearts for you. Spare some time to nip these small pop-up hearts for your card.
How about couples? Here’s a special Pop-up Heart Card that includes your and your significant other’s initial.
Express your endless love with “I <3 U” pop-up art. Nothing goes wrong with sweet notes. This style of text pop up cards are super easy to design and made. Check out the full popup card designing tutorial here.

Then, you can also layer your card with a layer of Pop-up Hearts. It’s easy, your three-year-old can do it.

But if you think you can do better, why not a fox and heart pop-up? Check out all my other heart animal crafts, it’s ridiculously cute!

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pop up heart card templates
pop up heart card templates

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  1. Lorraine

    I love your dollie heart idea but how can I download it?

    Thank you!

    1. Elf @DomesticHeights

      Hi Lorraine,
      You can find the design in the Free Resources Library.
      You can write to our elf for assistance at info@domesticheights.com

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