5 Valentines Wood Crafts

There’s just something so wholesome with a rustic wood handmade valentines gift.

I am sure I’m not the only one who is excited about Valentine’s Day. Although not a holiday, it is an opportunity for you to get creative in expressing your love for someone. And, I adore making various gifts for family and loved ones.

valentine wood crafts

After trying different crafts here and there, there is one particular valentine’s gift that I’m excited about doing. Wood Crafts are a unique present you can make on your own. Just like a card, you can put your twist and decorations in your craft. 

However, people may feel intimidated by Wood Crafts. A lot of people know Wood Crafts as the stereotypical wood carving. But, of course, it is not limited to that! Wood Crafts have wide varieties you can choose from, and even a newbie can do it. 


Wood Crafts includes wood carving, marquetry, lacquer art, carpentry, and cabinet making, to name a few. Although it sounds like only professionals can do it, there are Wood Crafts that amateurs can do. You just need some guidance and tools to start with crafting.

You may wonder, how can I make a Wood Craft appropriate for Valentine’s Day? I used to think that Wood Craft is reserved for grander occasions such as weddings and family celebrations. But, I realized that I can present simple Wood Crafts as Valentine’s Day gifts. I tried sending it to some close friends and immediate family members, and they all loved it!  

When making Wood Crafts, you may want to consider the person to whom you are making them. You can make a Wood Craft they can use as decor or something they can wear! I have a list of Valentine’s Day Wood Crafts you can check out.

If you’re excited to learn more, prepare your tools and let me assist you!

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Photo Wood Transfer

Tired of your typical photo on a frame? Have you considered a photo wood transfer? Yes, you can now directly “print” your photo on a beautiful piece of wood. Check out my photo transfer tutorial for more details.

When we talk about necklaces, the first thing we look at is the pendant. With this craft, we’re going for a more earthy vibe with the wooden heart. It is crafted to be worn even during casual dates. This project is part of my Premium SVG Membership.
And, if you’re tired of the standard design on your card, why not craft a wood decor for it? You can use a thin piece of plywood and neatly place it on top. This is actually made from wood veneer which is super easy to cut. For more on these spinner card designs, check out my free spinner card templates and tutorial.

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DIY Valentine Wood Crafts

Another simple Wood Craft is to make a simple frame. You can place on it anything of sentimental value. And, voila! A romantic gesture you cannot buy from a store.
However, if you’re looking for more of a practical gift, why not make a wooden pair of earrings? It’s stylish and chic! You can design however you want, but to celebrate Valentine’s, why not a heart?
Another wooden pendant design to check out. Skipping the typical heart design, why not go for a round shape? Perfect for friends and family looking for a simple piece.

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valentine wood crafts
valentine wood crafts

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