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3D Paper Art

I’ve been making a lot of 3D paper art crafts lately and thought I’d share some of my tips for cutting the paper templates and assembling the finished product. As I’ve probably said a million times on this blog, I really love working with paper. […]

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Glass Bottle Decor Ideas

I’ve gathered all my glass bottle decoration ideas here in this post along with the free templates and tutorials for each project. I don’t know about everyone else but I have a small collection of jar and bottles just piling up on my kitchen counter. […]

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DIY Fairy Jar

This is a tutorial for how to make a fairy jar night light from a mason jar. My kids have been sleeping with the lights on for the past few months. They seem to be going through a nightmares phase and prefer to have the […]


Easy DIY Flower Garland

Paper flower garlands can be easy to make and are the perfect backdrop for any occasion. The trick to easy paper flower garlands is designing the foliage and paper flowers so that it minimizes assembly work. I manage to create a vine like leaf design […]

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Painting Sea Glass

This is a tutorial for how to frost glass jars and creating other DIY sea glass vase, bottles and other decor accessories. We we won’t be going on vacation for a long while, I decided to bring a little bit of a beach vibe to […]

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Felt Cosmos Flowers

These Cosmos felt flowers are the perfect accessory for any home decor project or simply as a hair accessory. I like easy craft projects because crafting is fun. Once in a while, I do like to challenge myself with something new but I have to […]

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Free Starbucks Cup SVG

Learn how to personalize Starbucks cups with Sunflower and Disney designs in this tutorial. I learned the other day that Starbucks is not the most popular coffee shop in every state. Apparent on the east coast, there are a number of states that are dominated […]

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Shrink Plastic Earrings

This is a tutorial for how to make plastic earrings using shrink film. I have to admit, I originally bought this shrink film for my kids. And then I got bored and decided to do a more adult oriented craft while they were messing around […]

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Floral Favors Box

These floral favors boxes are super easy to make and you can customize the color scheme to fit any occasion. I have this small obsession with making affordable but memorable party favors. I don’t know why, it’s just something fun to make and with a […]

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DIY Photo Puzzle with Free Templates

How to make a puzzle from a picture? It’s easy, this is a tutorial for a DIY puzzle that you can cut with either a cutting machine or by hand. My daughter was really into puzzles for a while and I’d have to buy her […]

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DIY Customized Sequence Pillow

This is a tutorial on how to add your own designs to a blank sequence pillow. I was talking to a grad school friend the other day. I have no idea how we got on this topic but we started talking about what’s in with […]

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Butterfly Cutout Wall Art

I’ve been meaning to make this butterfly wall art for some time but didn’t want to have to sit there and glue a hundred tiny little butterflies in place. It’s so hard to keep track of all the different colors and sizes when gluing these […]

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