9 Valentine Paper Crafts

I love making paper crafts and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to make more.

There is a particular month that I always anticipate for the simple reason that it has the sweetest day of the year. February makes my stomach flutter with excitement. And yes, I am referring to Valentine’s Day. A specific day to celebrate love and go overboard with the gifts. 

valentine paper crafts

I anticipate Valentine’s Day because my daughters loved to give me homemade Valentine’s Day cards. And I’m also bombarded with a ton of kisses, so that’s a bonus. However, as someone who crafts a lot, I make sure to create special crafts just for my loved ones. I try to incorporate their preferences in the gifts I made.

During Valentine’s Day, my family and friends would assist me when doing crafts. Most of them would copy what I’m doing. While some of my friends won’t because they find it too difficult for a newbie. So, I decided to introduce paper-based crafts, hoping they will follow the lead. Fortunately, it worked as I expected it to be. It was easier to follow. Most of them found it enjoyable to do. 

I realized then that Valentine’s Day gifts need not be complicated. A small effort can go a long way, even with a piece of paper! Besides Valentine’s Day cards, I included other paper-based Valentine’s Day crafts. I want to make sure that you have other options to try when making paper crafts.

So for Valentine’s Day, I prepared a list of paper-based Valentine’s Day crafts. Most of these crafts are easy to follow. Just follow the general guide, and you’ll surely get it after some practice. You can also add your flavor and spice once you master it. 

Prepare your crafting materials, and let us get started!

All of the templates for Valentine’s Day paper crafts featured are available for free in my resource library. Get access to 400+ project templates and tutorials and craft along.

Animal plus tiny hearts? Yes, please! Make these adorable cutouts and send them to your loved ones. Check out my free heart animal crafts templates and tutorial.
If you think you cannot invest in making a full-blown Valentine’s Day craft, try making cute packaging instead. Decorate your small gift with style! Here is a roundup of my free paper heart box craft projects.
Spice up your card with this heart pull design! As you can see, once your recipient pulls the ribbon, they will be in for a surprise. Check out the full waterfall cards tutorial for more details.
Did you know you can make your Valentine’s Day cards look classy and luxurious? Start by picking an elegant heart design with bold blue or classy white color to pair. This set is part of my Premium SVG Crafts Membership.
Similar to the paper package already mentioned, there’s another way to make cute packaging. Give your package a finishing look with a neat heart design on top.
Here’s another set of love card designs you may want to try out. Go all out with the design and add your favorite color and accessories.
How about making a layout of your favorite photo? You can use the original photo as a guide to cut for your layout. Check out my full silhouette art tutorial for more details.
You can also opt for pop-up bouquet cards when you want to put in that extra effort.
Or, you can adorn the card with designs your recipient loves. These Valentines cards templates are also available for free in my resource library.

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valentine paper crafts
valentine paper crafts

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