How to Make Flower Pop Up Cards

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This is a tutorial for a DIY flower bouquet pop up card with instructions on how to make this with your Cricut or by hand with free SVG and printable templates.

I saw this blooming flower pop up card tutorial on some viral video online a while back and wanted to make it using my Cricut to add some of the details of the flower center and additional foliage faster.

I have to say, this was a complicated assembly process. I tried to write the instructions in the clearest possible way but I would recommend that if you’re not in a patient mood, maybe try a different craft today.

That said, it is a cute card. I’m going to teach my son to make these for his teachers this Valentines day. They also work great for Mother’s Day, a thank you card or a sympathy occasion.

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Materials for DIY Flower Bouquet Pop Up Card

Cardstock and/or Paper – The flowers themselves are easier to make with lighter weight paper. In fact, origami paper is probably ideal because it needs to flex a little bit. I love this assorted set, you can make each flower with a different color.

I would highly recommend heavier cardstock for the base card though, 65lbs or heavier. Here are some of my favorite brands:

Glue – I used Tacky Glue for this. I also tried glue dots and rubber cement. I thought Tacky Glue worked the best but it takes the longest to dry.

Cricut Markers – This part is optional but if you want to draw in the flower centers, I would recommend getting the medium Cricut markers. I love the metallic set and used the gold medium pen in the pink card above.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Obviously, a Cricut is not absolutely necessary for this project but it sure makes things go much faster. If you don’t have a cutting machine, there are tons of tutorials on how to cut the flowers faster so I won’t go into much detail about that here in this tutorial.

My flower pop up card template is free and available both in SVG and printable format in my resource library.

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    Instructions for How to Make a Blooming Flower Pop Up Cards

    Step 1: Draw and cut the flower card template

    I’ve included the 2 options for templates in my set. One of them is for just the plain flower. The other includes drawing lines. If you using the drawing lines, you will need to ungroup the templates, set the center lines to “draw”, then attached the draw lines with the flower base.

    Step 2: Fold each cut out petal

    Each flower should have 7 petals. Fold a crease between each petal

    Step 3: Glue the petals together

    Glue the end petals overlapping each other but aligned. The finished flower should have 6 sides.

    Step 4: Glue the flowers to each other

    This is the most complicated step. The thing to keep in mind is always glue at the tip of the petal.

    First, lay out the flowers roughly as you see in the photo below. Feel free to label the pieces with numbers as you go through these instructions. Once the flowers are assembled, you won’t see the written numbers so it is totally fine to do this.

    Apply a dab of glue to petal 1 and lay 1′ over 1. Do the same for 2 and 2′. I’ve marked an “x” roughly where the glue should go.

    Now apply a dab of glue over 1′, 2′, and 3 roughly where I’ve drawn a circle. Lay 3′ on top of 1′, 3, 2′.

    Now we want to apply dabs of glue roughly where the triangles are in the photo. Then overlay 4′ on top of 4 and 5′ on top of 5.

    In this final layer, add glue roughly where the squares are on the petal. Overlay 6′ on top of 6.

    You might want to let this dry a little bit before moving on to the next step. It just needs to set so it is not sliding around, not completely dry.

    Step 5: Glue to Card base

    We want to align the flower set so the tips of the backwards “c” touch the crease of the card.

    Then apply glue where the star is in the photo and the corresponding spot on the other side of the flower set.

    Close the card, place something heavy on it and let it dry completely.

    If you are using tacky glue, this might take a couple of hours.

    Step 6: Add additional foliage to the pop up flower if you want to

    Feel free to also add additional sentiments and decorative steps here as well.

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