How to Make 3d Pop up cards with the Cricut

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This is a tutorial for how to design and make easy pop up cards for all occasions with your Cricut cutting machine.

I love pop up cards but I don’t love trying to figure out how to assemble them.

I made that Happy Birthday Pop up card available in Circut Access and I gave up altogether with the scoring wheel after 10 minutes and then spent another 5 minutes trying to figure out where and which way to fold the lines.

I decided there had to be an easier way.

There is! You just have to work with a little geometry. (don’t worry, it’s not that bad).

You can actually take any text and make it a pop up. If it has 2 lines, it is even easier. One word or one line text are not bad either. I will how to set the proportions so that you can turn any sentiment into a pop up card.

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Materials for Pop up Cards

Cardstock – I’d highly recommend medium weight cardstock with colored cores. Here are some of my favorite brands:

Glue – The main thing here is to pick a glue that doesn’t warp your paper. Here are some of my favorites:

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Templates – This free pop up birthday card SVG along with the thank you and love cards are available for free in my resource library.

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    How to Design Pop Up Cards in Cricut Design Space

    Step 1: Create your text.

    My recommendation for the easiest designs is to pick a non-cursive font that has thick lines and to type in all caps.

    If you want to write in letters with varying heights, then make sure they are cursive or all connected in some way.

    When creating 2 lines of text, use the same text box to ensure both lines are the same height.

    Step 2: Ungroup and attach the text

    With the text box selected, ungroup. Then select one of the rows and move it so that the top of the bottom text is touching the base of the top text.

    Select all the letters and “weld”.

    If you have only one line of text, create a box that is the same height as the text and wider than the width of the word. Then weld this box to the top of the one line text.

    Step 3: Add a a top and bottom rectange

    Create a rectangle wider than the words. Duplicate this rectangle.

    Place one on top of the text and one at the bottom. Center align all the elements.

    Weld all the elements together.

    Step 4: Create a base piece

    Check the dimension of your welded piece and create a rectangle the same exact size.

    Now make your card with different colored base and top layer.

    I don’t bother with scoring lines for this because everything is symmetrical and you can just align the corners and fold it in half.

    You can also use a ruler and a scraper to score by hand.

    That’s it! I told you, very little and painless geometry.

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      • Hi there, the font in my actual card template is Impact I think. It is part of a standard font suite for most PCs and adobe products. It might even be a google font.

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