Paper Flower Shadow Box Ideas

The key to making paper flower art is starting with the right paper flower design.

I love making paper flower arrangments for gifts and wall art but not all my paper flower designs are ideal for this type of project.

I find for paper flower art, when I have to make a bunch of different flowers, I want something quick. But quick doesn’t have to mean simple or boring. There is a lot you can do with spiral paper flower designs not to mention all the different patterns you can use to make the backdrop more interesting.

Here are some of my past projects for ideas:

Paper Flower Art

I love the look of a feminine floral design placed on top of a modern minimalist pattern. Here are some of my geometric backdrop flower arrangement designs.

paper flower art

Paper Flower Arrangements

Not all designs are ideal for a flat lay paper flower arrangement. I love spiral paper flowers with shorter petals so they lay flat against the backdrop. Check out my Spiral Paper Flower Templates and Tutorial for more design ideas on this front.

Other Paper Flower Designs for Paper Flower Art

All of the designs featured in these paper flower arrangements are free and available in my resource library.

Layered 5 Petal Flowers

Layered paper flowers are also not a bad choice for arrangements especially if they are flatter in designs

Lace Paper Flower Templates and Tutorial

For a simpler bouquet that features just a couple of more elaborate flowers, check out my lace paper flower designs.

paper flower arrangement ideas

For an even simpler spiral paper flower arrangement check out my Paper Marigold and Paper Carnations designs.

Daisies are the perfect paper flower for art, check out my Easy Daisy Template and Tutorial.

One of my first designs was these Paper Camellias.

This Two Toned Paper Flower Set is also great for paper flower arrangments.

Semi rolled 3D flowers

I also use these Paper Magnolia Templates in all sorts of projects

paper magnolia template

Hawaiian Hibiscus Paper Flower Template and Tutorial

Hawaiian Paper Flower

Rolled Paper Rose Template and Tutorial

Paper roses were one of my first projects. I made them in isolation in the beginning and then started putting them in bigger projects. The right vase I have in this blush paper rose set was actually the original inspiration for some of my geometric designs. I just love the love of this wavy modern waffle like matrix. The original vase was meant for flowers with stems but I reconstructed the design for a more flat lay effect.

Paper Sunflower Template and Tutorial

For a completely different aesthetic, I have a set of paper sunflower designs. These are great for more complicated arrangments or as stand alone projects. You can even enlarge this design and make giant paper sunflowers!

As you can tell, I am a paper flower enthusiast. I’ve designed hundreds of paper flowers at this point and projects made thousands. I have a premium SVG membership with more of my design for those interested in this particular niche of paper flower art.

Interested in related project SVG designs? Check out my Premium SVG Membership:

free rolled paper flower templates
paper flower templates

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