5 Petal Flower Template

Paper Flowers

One of my favorite paper flowers to make is a layered five petal flower.

It is probably the easiest paper flower to make. It is a great beginner flower that doesn’t require a cutting machine.

It is also quite satisfying for seasoned paper flower crafters looking for something to add to their repertoire.

These paper flowers are not ideal for bouquets since they are relatively flat but they really add an extra wow factor to home decor projects like shadow boxes and wreaths.

My free printable flower petal template pattern and SVG cut files for this set of 5 five petal paper flowers are available in my resource library.

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    Materials for 5 Petal Flower

    Cardstock – I love using metallic shimmer cardstock for these paper flowers which is what I used in the photos. Here are some of my favorite brands for cardstock that I use for paper flowers.

    Glue – I like tacky glue but a glue gun works too

    Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

    It is also possible to make this just using scissors.

    Tutorial for Layer Paper Flower

    Step 1: Use either the printable five petal flower outline or SVG cut file and cut out the template using the cardstock.

    Step 2: Curl the petals

    I like to use a rigid edge or a credit card to do this part.

    Step 3: Glue the layers together.

    I like to play around with this step. Sometimes I will invert a curled layer to add more dimension to the flower. If I do that, I will glue where the petals touch.

    Otherwise, just stacking them from biggest to smallest also works great.

    That’s it!

    It’s really quite straight forward. For some of the petal shapes, I will skip a layer. Other ones, I invert the base layer. There are many ways to assemble this basic paper flower.

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    5 petal flower template
    five petal paper flower template
    five petal paper flower template

    6 thoughts on “5 Petal Flower Template”

    1. such a cute way to put together your own faux flower accents with an unexpected texture! Thanks for sharing I can’t wait to try this out!

    2. shannon says:

      thank you for these flowers!

    3. Shinae says:

      These flowers are beautiful! It came out so much better than I had imagined. Thank you!!!!

    4. Mina says:

      can i use all your free svgs for commercial use? is that ok for you? 🙂

      • Hi, thank you for asking, I usually require a purchase of the premium SVG membership subscription for a commercial license.

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