Free Printable Flower Stencil Designs And Templates

I created a bunch of flower stencils for decorating projects and thought I’d share all of them with all of my readers.

I did one of my favorite things to do which is to find a bunch of public domain designs and then alter them to fit my specific project.

Sometimes it’s just too hard to come up with something from scratch so why not get some free inspiration.

I ended up using this set so much I wanted to share the love with every so you can get just as much utility for various projects as I have.

From my stenciling experience, not at stencil patterns are a perfect fit for every project. It makes a big different what stencil material you are using, what medium and the general size of the project. It also makes a difference if you are cutting these stencils out by hand or with a cutting machine.

From home decor fabric stenciling to cake and cookie stenciling, I’ve used these stencils on a variety of different materials. I’ve also cut these stencils on different stencil materials as well from mylar sheets to contact paper to vinyl.

I use a Cricut to cut all my stencils and it makes it so much more fun! If you are interested in getting one, check out my recommendations for beginner Cricut machines and accessories.

Some of these designs are easy to cut by hand or with an Exacto knife but the world of stenciling really opens up with a cutting machine. You get much more precise cuts and it can handle more intricate designs. It all goes a lot faster too πŸ™‚

flower stencil printable

These free printable flower stencils patterns and floral SVG cut files are available in my resource library.

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    What to make with these flower stencils patterns?

    I love making my own home decor, especially throw pillows. I’m not sure why but throw pillow covers cost a fortune.

    Here’s a fun stencil on fabric project I did to make these floral throw pillows. For this particular project, I used vinyl as the stencil material. The hibiscus flower had some intricate designs around the center so I needed something that could adhere to the fabric to minimize bleed.

    I highly recommend vinyl, transfer tape or anything sticky for fabric stenciling regardless. The only problem is it is not reusable so you need to make a new stencil every time you do a new project as to not transfer unwanted paint.

    flower stencil printable

    In some cases, I want something not too intricate because I’m stenciling with a medium that doesn’t work with intricate designs.

    That’s exactly what happened here with these stenciled cookies. I saw all these amazing cookies that other people made and wanted to figure out how to do them myself. Here’s the tutorial on making a reusable stencil for cookies.

    I used food-grade mylar sheets for this project. Since I’m not heating the stencil up, I figured any BPA transfer would be minimized. I’ll admit though, it was not the most fun stenciling project. I have yet to find a medium that works well for stenciling food. I tried both spray food coloring and various icing recipes. The problem really is bleeding with a reusable stencil. It is really no feasible to use vinyl on cookies.

    flower stencil printable

    On the other hand, wall art with stencils works really well!

    I wanted to paint something but didn’t quite have the skills so I just made a flower design and turned it into a stencil for this floral monogram wreath painting. Check out my tutorial on how to stencil paint on canvas if you are interested in making something similar.

    Here I layered different stencils to create a multi-colored monogram wreath. It looks a little washed out in the photo but it is actually quite cute in person. I looks like I hand painted the whole thing which I of did…just with a help of a stencil πŸ™‚

    These abstract paintings are not part of these flower stencil set but a separate set (but also free and available in my resource library).

    There are multiple ways to stencil on canvas. I show you 2 ways depending on the intricacy of your design in this tutorial here. I used a matte acrylic chalk paint as the background and then metallic acrylic paint for the design to set it apart.

    small flower stencils printable

    All of these flower stencils are printable as well. The simple daisy templates are cuttable by hand but I would recommend a cutting machine for the more intricate designs.

    Floral Stencil Pattern

    In addition, you can use these floral stencil patterns for painting as well. For example, you can paint a flower background on walls and furniture. This is perfect for anyone who enjoys gardening and the outdoors.

    Additionally, you can use these templates to get a modern or vintage look. This way, you can create decor to match you or your friend’s tastes. To get started, you can download the templates for free from my Resource Library.

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      I really really want to love your site. I am by no means a dunce on computers, but I just go round and round when I am trying to dowload one of your freebies.
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