Free Letter Stencils Printable and SVG Templates

I joke about living in the laundry room to my husband sometimes because I spend so much time in there.

Between the kid’s clothes, gym clothes, towels, and sheets, there seems to be an endless pile of laundry in our household. Our poor washer and dryer just run non-stop all week long.

I thought it would be appropriate to add some humor to this never-ending chore since there’s just no way around it.

I also used this opportunity to give letter stenciling a try and made my own laundry sign for the laundry room.

While I was at it, I designed a couple more just to get it out of my system but didn’t end up making the signs.

If you are interested in these free printable alphabet stencils templates and printable laundry room signs, they are available in my resource library. I’ve also created SVG cut files for all the letter stencils and signs.

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    Material Options for Letter Stencils

    Vinyl – I like to use vinyl because it is cheap so if I mess up, it’s not a big deal. It also stays intact while I am painting.

    Mylar Sheets – These are great if you want to make reusable stencils. I do find it a pain though to use them for painting because you have to wash it between each letter. Here’s a tutorial on using mylar sheets as cookie stencils.

    Contact Paper – This is a great option if you have it around. However, if you are doing a lot of painting, it does tear easily. I also have a detailed tutorial on how to stencil with contact paper.

    Wax or Freezer Paper – This is great for fabrics, you can iron it on and keep it in place. Check out my freezer paper tutorial for more details.

    Paper – this is by far the cheapest option. sometimes I like to use magazine covers because they are a bit stiffer and have some sort of coating to keep it from falling apart.

    Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

    You could also use an Exacto knife as well.

    How to stencil letters for a vintage style laundry room sign

    Step 1: Prep the vintage sign blank

    Start with a blank sign base. I used this super affordable rustic blank wood sign I got from Amazon. Canvas also works for these signs.

    Step 2: Position the stencils in place

    In this particular example, I didn’t cut the stencil as one piece and instead just did it one letter at a time.

    Mine overlapped a little bit but ideally, they don’t touch which makes it much easier to remove.

    Step 3: Add either some Mod Podge, Elmers glue or Tacky glue.

    You want to add some sort of polymer sealant so the paint doesn’t bleed.

    I just use a q-tip for this part. You could also use a brush or sponge.

    Step 4: Add the paint while the glue is still wet.

    We want to do everything while it is wet because the polymer sealant tends to peel in chunks when dried.

    I used acrylic paint in this case but any paint works. I just wouldn’t use a sharpie or marker because the ink is too thin and will bleed underneath the stencil easily.

    Step 5: Peel the stencil

    After I’ve done a couple of coats, I just peel the stencil off while it is wet.

    free printable letter stencils for painting, vintage alphabet on wood

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    free vintage farmhouse laundry room svg files
    free printable letter stencils for painting, vintage alphabet on wood

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