Faux Hand Lettering with Cricut Pen

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I was playing around with the Cricut write function the other day and found a way to make faux hand lettering.

That’s right! Fake hand lettering!

I love all the hand-lettered artwork I see all over Pinterest and Etsy but I just haven’t put enough hours into it to do it well myself.

The reality is, I actually just don’t write anymore so my handwriting has just gone off the deep end.

I wrote a thank-you note the other day and it was like 20 sentences long and my hand was tired afterward. Yeah, I know, pathetic.

There’s no way I’d have the endurance to put in the hundreds of hours it takes to do hand lettering.

My problem is really in the consistency of the letters and lifting the pen after a heavy downstroke.

But look at what happened when I decided to take a little shortcut with my Cricut pen:

Not bad right?!

I made a set of these floral place card SVG templates if which are free and available in my resource library.

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    Materials for Faux Calligraphy with the Cricut

    Cricut Pens – There are all sorts of Cricut Pens available on Amazon. I used the o.4 Tip Black and Medium Tip 1.0 Silver ones in the photos.

    Brush Pen – If you are using a medium size tip pen or larger, you will not need an additional brush pen to make the highlights. I love the Tombow brush pens which is what I used.

    Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

    Tips for Faux Hand Lettering with the Cricut

    There isn’t much to it actually.

    If you are unfamiliar with writing then cut using the Cricut, check out my tutorial on how to write and cut this with gift tags.

    When you switch the graph to a “write” line, the Cricut will automatically use the pen tool instead of the blade for any graphic.

    The problem is a lot of graphics are not designed for the pen. What I mean by this is you can see the start and endpoints of a pen line whereas you can’t with a blade cut.

    I found this frustrating in the past with all the cursive writing fonts because it looks weird when the pen picks up between connected letters.

    You can’t “weld” writing letters together. You can only weld shapes together.

    SO not only does faux hand lettering look great, it really opens up a ton of options with the Cricut pen.

    The font I used is Babette which is free and available in Cricut Design Space. I like it the most for that bouncy hand-lettered look.

    After having the Cricut write and cut the cardstock, I just trace over the downward strokes with either the same Cricut pen or the brush pen in the same color.

    Sometimes, I have to color over the start and end of the downward stroke but that is relatively straightforward.

    By highlighting the downward stroke, I can cover up some of the connections.

    Be sure to use a matching color, otherwise, you will be able to see the underlying pen marks.

    Who doesn’t love a perfectly executed bouncy font!

    This actually works great with non-cursive fonts as well.

    If you are interested in adding an additional single line flourish like the heart one on this envelope, I have an entire set also for free available in my resource library.

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    Cricut wedding project ideas invitation templates, gifts, signs
    Cricut wedding project ideas invitation templates, gifts, signs

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