Writing Fonts for Cricut

This is a tutorial on how to write with the Cricut and some tips on writing fonts for Cricut Design Space.

Cricut Design Space has added a bunch of new tools to its capabilities recently but I find a lot of users still don’t understand how to make sure of the older functions available in Cricut Design Space.

Drawing in Cricut Design Space is a really underutilized function.

Cricut includes many writing instruments in their accessories line up from basic pens, to thicker markers to scoring pens.

But at the end of the day, from a Cricut Design Space perspective, the pen is just writing a path. You can “Draw” any path in Cricut Design Space from fonts to shapes.

free cricut writing fonts

(if you are interested in this Watercolor Happy Birthday card, it is free and available in my resource library)

How to use writing fonts for Cricut

What most people are looking for when they are asking for Cricut writing font is what is called a Single Path Font.

There are many image formats but the one that is most relevant for the Cricut is the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format. An SVG file records the image as a set of paths as opposed to pixels or dots in traditional bitmap formats like PNG and JPG.

Most font letters are recorded as enclosed shapes that are filled with a color (most often black). That is why in previous versions of Cricut Design Space, if you set the text to “Draw” it would only draw the outline of the letters with no fill.

A single path font does not have an enclosed path, it has an open path or line for each stroke of the letter.

Cricut has since decided to add a version of most of their available fonts that is a “writing” single line font.

How to make the Cricut write

free cricut writing fonts
free cricut writing fonts

To enable the writing feature of your Cricut, start by writing your text using the Text tool.

With the text selected, filter for “writing” fonts in the Font Drop down menu.

With the text select, select “Writing” in the Style dropdown menu.

If you still want the pen to just draw the outline of the letter, keep it as “Regular” Style and change the Linetype to “Draw”.

(these thank you tags templates are also available in my resource library)

How to write connected words with the Cricut

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I have yet to figure out a ways. The pen always lifts between letters for the drawing function.

I did find a way to fake hand lettering though and connect the letters after the fact. Check out my tutorial on Faux Hand Lettering with the Cricut.

cricut writing fonts free

How to write and cut tags on cricut

Position the text over the shape. With both items selected, click on Attach so your machine knows to write on the actual shape.

How to write on a card with the Cricut

free cricut writing fonts download

There are a couple of ways to write on cards depending on what project you are working on. If you need to write and cut, I would use the method above by attaching the text to the underlying shape.

That is what I did here for these Unicorn Thank you cards. (these templates are free and available in my resource library if you are interested)

How to use cricut to write on envelopes

If the item that you want to write on is already cut like an envelop, I suggest using the snap mat feature available in the mobile app.

After the app snaps a picture of the envelope on the mat, you can manually position your text in place.

Best writing fonts for Cricut

Now that Cricut Design Space has enabled these new features, basically all of their fonts can be used to draw.

But here are a few of my favorite Single Line Cursive Font and Non-Cursive Fonts:

Writing fonts cricut

Where to download free writing fonts for Cricut

If none of the fonts satisfy you that are available in Cricut Design Space, you can always download fonts from other places and upload them.

Most font makers don’t make single path fonts, you will have to pick a few where the strokes are thin and even with the outline of the letter looks close to single stroke.

Writing fonts cricut


Midnight Signature

Bright Salkiy


Moon Flower

I love Glitter


Amallia Signature

One of my favorites in this set is the I Love Glitter font. It is super popular because of all the glyphs and heart flourishes.

Unfortunately, if you download the font and try to write it with your pen, it will only write the outline which doesn’t look terrible but I still wish it was a single line.

Don’t worry! I’ve got your covered.

I created this set of single path glyphs and flourishes that you can use to supplement the writing fonts that already exist in Cricut Design Space.

free single path SVG flourishes for writing with cricut

This set of single path flourishes is FREE and available in my resource library.

Interested in related project SVG designs? Check out my Premium SVG Membership:

Writing fonts cricut
Writing fonts cricut

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  1. barb

    I cant seem to find the single path flourishes in your resources. COuld you please provide a link? Thaks you

  2. Sarah Blake

    I cant seem to find the single path flourishes in your resources. Could you please provide a link? Thank you

  3. Kathy Martinez

    The link to the single path flourishes in your resources doesn’t work. Will you please provide the valid link?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. ilyssa.norda@domesticheights.com

      it’s been fixed! thank you for the heads up

  4. Denise

    Hi! I downloaded the I Love Glitter font, I am not able to change that to single as it would do in outline. How do I do that?

    1. ilyssa.norda@domesticheights.com

      I don’t think you change non-Cricut fonts to a single line font.

  5. Tola

    I can’t seem to find the single path flourishes in your resources. Please provide a link? Thank you!

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