29 Free Monogram Fonts for Cricut Design Space

There are so many free monogram fonts out there that are perfect for every occasion. I’ve created a list of some of the most popular ones.

There are many types of monograms and different monogram font types. I’ve only included some of the most popular ones.

There is some light editing that you will need to do within Cricut Design Space. If you want a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots of how to make different types of monograms, check out my tutorial How to Make a Monogram in Cricut Design Space.

Free Cricut Monogram Font Types

Not all monogram fonts are well suited for all Cricut projects. Some have really thin strokes which are not for paper cutting. Stencil-based projects might also require some additional editing of the font letters. (I’ve written a detailed tutorial on how to make stencils in Cricut Design Space here.)

Circle font types – great for cutouts, print and cut and stencils

Circle font types are letters that have been morphed into a circle. The most common circle font type has 3 letters with the last name letter in the middle.

Circle font types have many variations; some are more oval shaped, some have negative space, others have different letter shapes.

Here’s a few of my favorite free circle monogram fonts for Cricut Design Space:



Round Monogram

Favorite free interlocking monogram font for Cricut Design Space

Script type font has all the curly flourishes at the end of each stroke. They can be used alone or in sets of 3 or 4 letters. They can also be interlocking, separate or kissing.

free interlocking monogram font for cricut

Here’s a few of my favorite free script fonts:

Monogram KK

Free Monogram

Janda Stylish Monogram



Caston Swash

Shaped Monograms – Best for cutouts, stencils and print and cut

These are similar to the circle monograms but the letters are morphed into different shapes.

free monogram fonts for cricut

Here are a few of my favorite free shapes monograms:

Blocky Monogram

Monogramus – This is a 4 letter monogram font

Block Monograms – Best for cutouts, stencils and print and cut

Block Monograms are exactly what they sound like, letters arranged into a rectangular or square shape.

Any Serif or San-serif font works for Block Monograms.

Here are a few of my favorite fonts for Block Monograms

free monogram fonts for cricut

Vogue, Mermaid, Cinzel, Optimus Princeps

Bebas Neue, Lemon Milk, Coolvetica, Roboto,

Single Monograms – Best for print and cut

Single monograms are single-letter monograms with more decorative graphics surrounding the letter. This is by far the largest category type for monograms.

While there are many single monogram graphics out there, there are limited ones that have been turned into fonts.

However, there are tons of graphic design sites and home decor sites that have a monogram maker tool.

Here are a few resources online for free monograms:

Caluya Designs


Mark and Graham Monogram Maker

Chicfetti Monogram Maker

A few of these do not produce vectorized images (or SVG files). You will have to vectorize these images to use in Cricut Design Space. Here is my tutorial on How to turn any image into a cut files.

Split Letter Monograms:

The easiest way to get free split letter monograms is to make them yourself!

First, take a letter and split it. It’s easiest to make a thin rectangle and slice it with the letter. It’s not an exact half so play around with the splitting proportions to your liking.

Then create a really thin long rectangle. Duplicate this rectangle. Align the rectangles with the split letters and weld each half together.

DIY Monogram with Frames

In many ways, you can turn any font into a decorative font by adding your own graphics or illustrations around a base letter.

I’ve created a set of rustic floral wreaths that work great as monogram frames:

monogram fonts for cricut free

This set of circle monogram wreath SVGs are free and available in my resource library.

Here are a few other free monogram fonts also in my resource library:

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free monogram fonts for cricut
free monogram fonts for Cricut
free monogram fonts for Cricut

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