Free DIY Established Family Name Sign SVG Templates

This is a tutorial on how to make a family name sign with free family established printables and SVG templates.

Even if your decorating preference isn’t rustic farmhouse, these Family Establish signs can still a touch of warmth to your home.

These family plaques also make for great house warming or newlywed presents. Especially if you make it yourself, what better way to celebrate a momentous occasion for the couple.

I love the cozy and rustic feel of a family established sign on a wood pallet blank. There are a ton of Etsy shops that will make a customized one for you.

But what fun is that just to have some stranger make your family plaque?

There are many ways to make these family establish signs yourself.

diy est signs

I have a Cricut cutting machine and sometimes will make an HTV iron on wood sign. You could also cut out a stencil and paint the design onto the wood. Here is a tutorial on stenciling on wood signs without bleeding.

If you don’t have a cutting machine or an easy way to make a stencil, you can still make these family establish signs with just some paper and a pencil. The design isn’t so complicated that you can just make it by hand.

A super-easy way to make a Family Established Sign in print, on wood or on canvas is to do a manual transfer of a printout. The process involves basically printing out your design, then covering the backside with a pencil and then “carbon copying” over the design to the blank sign by tracing over the design.

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Materials for a DIY last name sign

Blank Sign – I would recommend buying a finished wood blank sign. Here is a set with different finish options that I like. I also like this finished diagonal plank sign.

Paper and Pencil – Any type of copy paper will work. Any type of pencil will work as well.

Mod Podge – Depending on your wood surface, you may want a sealant to prevent bleeding.

Paint – I prefer Acrylic because it is easy to work with, very affordable, and is non-toxic. Here is an assorted set I bought that I use for all sorts of projects.

Templates – I’ve included a free family established printable and SVG templates set available in my free resource library.

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    How to make family established signs without a cutting machine

    Start with a blank piece of wood or pallet sign.

    In case you’re like me, I’m not that into woodwork so I prefer just buying mine pre-made. Here are a few of my favorite picks for blank pallet signs available through Amazon.

    While you can use an unfinished wood sign, you could get a finished one with a stain of your preference for just a bit more.

    Print the size appropriate for your home established signs’ year

    I like to cut up the printout so I can customize the spacing appropriate for the board. This also makes it easier to print onto a normal letter-sized paper. Here are the decorative elements included in the free templates just to give you a few ideas on different options you can take for your sign.

    free family established printable

    Create a fancy monogram of the first letter of the family’s last name.

    This isn’t absolutely necessary but I think it makes it look more finished. You can do more elaborate things with the design if you have a graphics editor but a base letter looks great as well.

    free family established printable

    I’ve also made printable monograms of all the letters in this style. It is available in my resource library. There are lots of goodies in there so you will have to provide your email to access the printables.

    Use newspaper as copy paper for your DIY family sign.

    If you design is too big to color in the back with pencil, there is another option, using newspaper.

    I like to sandwich the newspaper between the printout and the wood. Then I trace out the outline of the letters and image.

    how to make family established signs

    Consider sealing the edges the DIY Est sign’s letters

    If the wood is uneven, the paint will bleed. I like to use Mod podge or Elmer’s glue in a pinch. I just take a q-tip and smear it along the edge of the letter.

    Fill in the home established sign design with paint

    I have used both acrylic paint and sharpies to do this. They make these really easy to use Acrylic Paint Pens now that work really well for this project. My favorite is still just regular acrylic paint though.

    how to make family established signs

    Get creative with the layout on the wood sign!

    Depending on the size and shape of your sign, there are many different options you can choose from.

    Here are a few example mockups:

    diy family sign

    If you are feeling extra crafty, explore other surfaces for your signs. Here’s a tutorial on how to make alcohol ink coasters.

    DIY Family Established Signs SVG

    You can also make 3D DIY family name signs once you download the SVG from my Resource Library. To get started, print your family established sign template to your desired size. Then, shade the back of your printed name in pencil. For the best results, make sure all of your text is covered on the back.

    Once you’ve shaded your text, align it onto a piece of foam core facing up. Next, you can trace the letters in ballpoint pen to transfer the lettering onto the foam board. Then, you can use an cutting knife to cut out the foam board.

    When you have your family established name cut out, you can paint it and glue it on to your desired surface. Personally, I love how these family templates look wooden signs. Of course, there are plenty of other DIY family sign ideas, from wall decor to clocks.

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