5 Easy DIY Family Signs

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DIY Home Decor

I love a good versatile rustic family sign for the living room.

It doesn’t hurt that they are so easy to make either. (I’ve included some free printables that I made later in this post.)

There are so many ways to customize it too.

One way to make them is to go out and upcycle a piece of old furniture and find a piece of plywood.

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Wood Family Signs

Here is a quick tutorial on how to transfer words and patterns onto wood.

If you’re not in the mood to do a bunch of woodwork. You can always just order one from Amazon. Here are a few of my favorite picks for blank pallet signs:

Or simply just print the sign and put it in a rustic frame.

I love this simple rustic frame from Amazon:

I’ve designed a few family oriented farmhouse signs. You can get the free printable in my resource library. (Its password protected though because it has lots of goodies! and you will have to provide your email.)


For more lettering on wood help, here’s a quick tutorial too:

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