Easy Reverse Canvas Signs with Funny Bathroom Sayings

I didn’t quite get it until I made one but these reverse canvas with vinyl signs are so easy and addicting to make.

I finally got on the bandwagon and made one of these reverse canvas signs for my bathroom the other day.

What is reverse canvas and what’s the big deal?

At first, I didn’t understand why everyone wanted to go through the fuss of cutting and removing staples, ironing then re-stapling…

But then I needed to make a sign and realized I’d not only have to get canvas but I have to get a frame that fits the canvas.

And then I realized with reverse canvas, you can buy a framed blank canvas and make a finished sign that has a fitted frame by spending only a couple of bucks. I’m sold!

Materials for Reverse Canvas Signs

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Framed Blank Canvas – There are so many sizes available online. Here is the set I got from Amazon.

HTV or Iron on Vinyl – There are so many to choose from. I find all the brands to be about the same. I just got an assorted set from Amazon.

Hot Glue Gun or Staple gun – I don’t have a staple gun so I just glued my canvas on the reverse side.

Iron or Heat press – I just used the iron and it worked fine.

Exacto knife – or something equivalent.

Optional Paint – Some people choose to paint the frame. I thought it looked nice undone with the staples exposed so I just left it. Any acrylic or chalk paint will work on wood. I love this neutral acrylic chalk paint assorted set by Folkart.

How to make HTV on Canvas Sign

First, you need a design. I have many many signs available for free in my resource library.

But if you are in the mood to make a bathroom sayings sign too, here are a few in my set which is also available for free in my resource library. I have included both the SVG cut files and printable versions in case you don’t feel like making a reverse canvas version.

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    We want to first cut the canvas off from the frame. You want to cut this between the staple and the outer edge of the frame.

    After we remove the canvas, you will have the raw frame. At this point, feel free to paint the frame or not.

    Applying vinyl decals to canvas

    At this point, we want to cut our HTV iron on and weed it. Be sure to mirror the design.

    With the design, sandwich it between the canvas and the teflon sheet. Make sure the vinyl side is on touching the canvas.

    Set the iron on Cotton and press for about 10 seconds. Check to see if the HTV has stuck. Mine did after one session. If it has not, press for another 10 seconds.

    Applying the canvas back to the frame

    At this point, you just want to either staple or glue the canvas back on. Trim the sides after it is attached.

    Additional Ideas for Reverse Canvas signs if you have time

    Other people like to remove all the staples from the side where the canvas was originally attached and use that side as the outward-facing side of the frame. This obviously looks nice too.

    You can also just use another ready-made frame altogether.

    That’s it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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