21 Free Monogram SVGs

Here is a round up of all my Free Monogram SVG templates that you can uploade and use in Cricut Design Space?

I love making monograms for all occasions. Monograms are versatile designs that add a level of elegant customization to any craft, gift, and everything in between.

free mandala svg

There are many types of monograms. I will cover how to make spilt monograms, circle monograms and framed monograms in this tutorial.

There are many fonts out there that are dedicated to monogram making. Check out my article on Free Monogram Fonts for the Cricut if you are interested in pre-made fonts that can be uploaded and used in Cricut Design Space.

How to Make a Split Monogram on Cricut Design Space

Split letter monograms are super easy to make within the Cricut Design Space app without having to upload additional files or fonts.

You can use many of the fonts already available for free within the app.

I love using Serif fonts monogram makes, especially for a split monogram. Serif fonts are ones that have a small extra stroke at the end of every main vertical or horizontal stroke.

Times Roman is probably the most popular and well-known Serif font is a terrific choice for split letter Monograms.

How to Split Letters in Cricut Design Space

To split the initial in half, it is best to use the slice function in Cricut Design Space.

How to Split Letters in Cricut Design Space

First, create the Letter using the Text tool and a square using the Shapes tool.

Then unlock the square and adjust the square to a rectangle appropriate for the split voided space.

Position the rectangle over the letter. Click on “Slice” with both the rectangle and letter selected.

How to slice monogram in Cricut Design Space with the right proportions

Where to put the split in the monogram letter is a subjective choice.

I like to place the split over the horizontal line for letters that have one like “A”, “H” and “F” as an example. The missing space created an illusion that the bar is still here.

For letters that don’t have a middle line, I like to make a shorter rectangle and move the upper and lower pieces apart manually. This way, more of the initial letter remains in place.

How to cut letters in half on the Cricut and add a name

Most people prefer adding a name to the split area in the letter.

I would recommend making a horizontal bar to frame the name.

How to cut letters in half on the Cricut

To create horizontal bars, first, make 1 rectangular thin bar using the Square Shapes tool. Duplicate this bar.

Position the 2 bars roughly where you want them on the letter. Then Select all elements and Align Center Horizontally in the Align drop-down menu.

With all elements selected, click “Weld”.

How to Make a Circle Monogram on the Cricut

Making a circle monogram in Cricut Design Space requires a circle monogram font like Monogramos by Woodcutter.

If you need help uploading fonts, check out my article on How to Upload Fonts to Cricut Design Space.

How to Make a Circle Monogram on the Cricut

First, type your initials and change to the appropriate font.

I would then take one of the letters and make a duplicate as a reference for later.

Then create 3 rectangles using the Square Shape tool.

Rearrange the rectangles so they are positioned over the letters you want to keep. I usually move the rectangle to the back of the letter so I see properly. It is important to extend the rectangle to maximize the space around the letter without encroaching on the letter next to it.

Slice each letter and rectangle set. (Remember you can only slice 2 things at a time.)

Arrange the Letters for a Circle Monogram

With each individual letter, you can arrange them back together in a couple of ways.

The first way is to just do it visually.

Arrange the Letters for a Circle Monogram

The second way to align with the reference letter shape one letter at a time.

First, take the middle letter and the reference shape. Align to Center using the Align drop-down menu. Then group the 2 elements.

With the left letter and the aligned center piece, Align Left and Center Vertically. Then Group everything together.

With the right letter and now the collective grouped piece, Align Right and Center Vertically.

Then ungroup everything without moving things out of position. Then select the reference element and delete it using the right panel.

Arrange the Letters for a Circle Monogram

This next part gets a little confusing depending on if you are looking to make something with the negative space or with just the letters by themselves.

Either way, start by making a circle that covers your monogram letters using the shapes tool. I recolored it to a contrasting color so I can see it easier for the following steps.

Using the right panel, select the purple shape with one of the selects. (This can be down by clicking on one then shift+click on the other) Slice these 2 elements.

You will now have a new purple shape with one letter cut out. Select this element and another letter. Then Slice again.

Do this one more time with the last letter.

Arrange the Letters for a Circle Monogram

Using the right panel again, select all the black letters elements and delete them.

Then select the element with all 3 letters by clicking on it on the right panel. Use your cursor and move it away from the rest of the purple letters.

If you are interested in keeping the negative space monogram, select all 3 letters and weld.

If you are interested in keeping the positive space monogram you can slice off the frame with another circle shape.

How to Add a Frame for Circle Monograms

There are many ways to add a monogram frame.

You can add a simple shape using the shapes tool. A filled shape also looks great.

How to Add a Monogram Frame

Be sure to attach or flatten the separate elements together after designing the monogram.

You can also add a monogram frame. I have a number of free monogram frames available in my resource library.

Free monogram SVG templates for the Cricut

free monogram frame SVG

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Other Free Monogram SVGs for the Cricut

I have a few other monogram designs available in my free resource library.

Interested in related project SVG designs? Check out my Premium SVG Membership:

how to slice monogram in cricut,
monograms in cricut designs space
monograms in cricut designs space

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