7 Heart Animal Crafts with free templates

These heart arts and crafts for preschoolers and super cute not only for your little one but also for adults as well!

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you know I adore cute handmade designs. As someone who crafts a lot, creating and designing adorable things are extra special for me. I try to make my guides easy, so my followers can easily follow them.

heart animal crafts

After some time, I realized that I wanted to share something new. It is not unique, but I decided to mix two things I loved – cute animals and hearts. I tested it multiple times for various projects, and they work fine! I’m sure you’ll love it. It fits well with any project for any occasion.

So now, I’ll be introducing something dear to my heart – Heart Animal Crafts. As you expect, animals with heart shapes. You can make any animal and heart of any color. This combination suits well, especially for crafts made by animal lovers. You can also use this design for people who like adorable designs.

I decided to make the design after my daughter gave me an idea. She always talks about animal cartoons. I made her animal craft, and I included a small heart. She loves animal crafts so much! By that time, I know I should share this with you.

To start, make sure to prepare your materials for this craft. You can use felt paper or colored construction paper. Then, you need a steady hand to cut these papers with scissors. And of course, a guide to help you with this craft.

The templates for these heart animal crafts are free and available in both SVG and printable PDF formats.

How to make paper heart animals

The first step for this project is to find a particular animal you want to recreate. For this craft, I decided to go with the following animals: fox, penguin, panda, dog, rabbit, chick, and bee. These animals are easy to make. If you’re feeling more comfortable (and confident), then you may check up on other animal designs that are more difficult.

heart animal crafts
The second step is to draw layouts of the animals on colored felt paper/paper. You can use any pen. Then cut the layouts with scissors. You can also use a cutter for a more precise cut. The third step is to start drawing the animal’s features. You can use colored pens for the animal’s distinct features.
heart animal crafts

The fourth step is to cut small red hearts. However, you’re free to choose any color you want to try. And the last step is to assemble all the cut paper animal layouts. You can use either paste or glue. After assembling the animal, place the small heart in the middle.

Ta-da! Here’s your easy Heart Animal Crafts!

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heart animal crafts
heart animal crafts

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