9 Homemade valentine cards Ideas

This is a collection of all my DIY Valentine Card templates – perfect for the loved ones in your life.

When we think about love, we immediately associate it with Valentine’s Day. I believe it is one of the sweetest days of the year. Valentine’s Day allows you to show your appreciation to your loved ones.

homemade valentine cards

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to give gifts to your special someone. I usually send chocolates or sweet treats to my favorite people. However, a few specific presents will automatically take a sentimental space in your heart. And that includes a Homemade Valentine’s Day Card.

Regardless of the occasion, receiving a homemade card means so much to anyone. It does not need to be the fanciest thing in the world as long as it contains your honest feelings. That’s why we barely throw out the cards we receive. Homemade cards tend to be of sentimental value to us. We make sure to keep them safe so we can read them once in a while. These cards serve as a reminder that our family and friends loved us.

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are no different. If you need help making it, well you’re in luck because I love making cards. I’m here to help you design your Homemade Valentine’s Day card you can send to anyone, including your colleagues and friends. So after writing out your message, the next step you should do is prepare your card-making materials. Don’t worry, this will be easy. I have a list of Homemade Valentine’s Day card designs you may want to check out.

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Are you looking for a simple yet adorable Valentine’s Day card? Here’s a simple design that includes hearts and “I <3 U.” Check out all of my valentine pop up heart card projects here.
You know it’s Valentine’s when you receive a card that says “Love.” You can customize the text by changing the letter “O” with another symbol like a heart. Feel free to find a design that will work for you.
I like simple cards as they are easy to make. However, if you have some time to spare, then these designs may be for you. You may want to cut flower designs for your card, then tightly tie it with a brown rope. Or, practice some calligraphy and add tiny specs of heart.
Making a puzzle heart design looks complicated, but it is not! You just need a little bit of extra time to cut the pieces. But, after pasting them all together on the card, it will be worth it.
After a puzzle, why not try and make a hot air (heart) balloon design? Trust me, it is adorable!
Do you love puns? How about making it a design for your Valentine’s Card
You can also place your letters in small envelopes like this one! Your receiver will be delighted to open them one-by-one.
If you’re feeling fancy, then you may consider these. Any person will feel special receiving a card with handmade roses and a heart. How about these Cricut heart designs? A heart with classy designs goes a long way.

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homemade valentine cards
homemade valentine cards

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