19 DIY Valentines Gifts for Him

This is a collection of romantic DIY gifts for him projects.

Special Occasions hold a special place in my heart. It is a day I can be creative with my crafts and gifts. It helps me a lot in crafting when I have a theme to follow. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

diy valentines gifts for him

When preparing for Valentine’s Day, we make sure to prepare gifts. Usually, we exert effort, especially for our wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters, or female friends. However, Valentine’s Day is not limited to them. Our husbands, fathers, boyfriends, brothers, and male friends want to receive a Valentine’s Day gift too.

Though, I understand the dilemma of preparing a gift for them. When we ask Google for some recommendations, it usually provides searches that we have already given before. But, this is Valentine’s Day! We should provide them with a gift curated for the special day. We want to express our love for them and hope they appreciate it.

You are free to check different shops to find the perfect gift for him. But, if you think you have what it takes to be crafty, then here’s a guide for you! I prepared a list of DIY homemade Valentine’s gifts for him. After trying and testing different Valentine’s Day crafts, I decided to share this list with you. I included different types of gifts in the list for you to choose from.

Most of the items you will be needing are easily found in your local craft store or an online shop. I encourage you to include your twist and design when making these crafts. I hope this list will serve as a foundation for you to start. It’s okay that you commit mistakes; you can easily do it again.

All of the templates and printables for these DIY gifts are available for free in both SVG and printable PDF formats in my resource library.

DIy Valentine Card Ideas for Him

diy valentines gifts for him
You can never go wrong with homemade Valentine’s Day cards. You can easily make it last minute too! Here are some designs you can copy.
diy valentines gifts for him
But, if you think a simple Valentine’s Day Card is not enough, here’s a more elaborate design you can try. You can make a card with a ton of tiny envelopes or hot-air balloon-inspired.

Handmade Valentines Gifts for Him

You can also try and make a DIY ring customized for the occasion. It may require additional attention and time. But, it’s worth it!

DIy Valentines Photo Gift Ideas

diy valentines gifts for him
If you’re feeling sentimental, you can customize a Valentine’s Day photo. Instead of placing a plain photo, why not copy the silhouette of the image?
diy valentines gifts for him
You can also prepare a keychain. To make it extra special, pick their favorite color. Add your photos together to accessorize it.
diy valentines gifts for him
Is he a coffee person? Maybe he drinks a lot of cold drinks? Why not a coaster? It’s simple and very usable. They can take it anywhere too!

DIY Valentines for Dad

diy valentines gifts for him
And of course, we will never forget about the Dads! If they love baseball, you can try and recreate this baseball-inspired Valentine’s Day card. Write your feelings and express how grateful you are. Just make sure Dad feels awesome!

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diy valentines gifts for him
diy valentines gifts for him

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