6 Free Cricut Wedding Invitations SVG Templates

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I know a lot of people invest in a Cricut to make wedding invitations and other decorations so I’ve created a tutorial along with a few free SVG templates so you can give it a try yourself.

I saw on Etsy the other day these laser cut invitation sleeves were $6 a pop! That’s just crazy. By that standard, it is way more effective to make them yourself.

I then looked around for SVG templates and saw a bunch on Etsy as well. But then I realized there’s no way I would be able to make 10 of these using these designs much less 100. The weeding and the intricacy of the design were just too much!

I’ve designed and made a few of these invitations on my Cricut and learned a lot from this exercise.

Recommended Materials for Cricut Wedding Invitations

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Cardstock – My all-time favorite paper for this is this metallic shimmer set.

I also like this Neenah Collections Brand because the core is not white and after its cut, it doesn’t fray.

Recollections 65lb Cardstock from Michaels also is great for intricate cuts. My favorite assortment includes Roses Cardstock, Purple Passion and Pink Buttons.

And of course, you need a cutting machine. I cut mine on the Cricut using a fine point blade.

Here are a few pointers for how to successfully make your own wedding invitations on your Cricut:

Too much detail in the design

If you really want one of those laser cut invitations with little thin lines that are about thread’s width, you will just have to buy them. These detailed designs need a more sticky mat and even then they snag on the knife. I made these using a brand new blade too.

I use the Standard mat with medium weight cardstock. If you use the Standard mat with thinner paper and thin lines, it tears when you try to peel it off.

Weeding is a pain! It’s one thing to weed vinyl, its another to weed paper. Do you really want to pick off 100 little pieces for each card?

Fitting the design on a Standard sheet

Some of these really elaborate cards fold out to beyond 12 inches. Even if you had a longer mat, where are you going to find the paper?

If you are going to make a smaller version, then where will you find the rest of the kit that fits the new non-standard size of the card?

My advice is to keep it simple, one fold max and stick to standard dimensions.

Standard Envelopes

Closely related to standard cardstock sizes, you need to take into consideration envelope sizes.

If you don’t make a standard dimension that has standard envelopes you can buy, then you will have to make your own envelopes.

Making your envelopes is fine except it needs to all fit on standard sheet size and envelopes fold out into really big pieces.

Scoring the Folds

On the topic of cardstock, the heavier it is, the easier it is to cut.

But, the heavier the cardstock, the harder it is to fold. It doesn’t stay flat.

Oh, and who bothered to buy that scoring tool with the Cricut?! I sure didn’t. I just used a ruler and drew a line using the edge of my credit card.

Have I completely deterred you from making invitations on your Cricut yet?

Ha! I know there’s some of you left still curious.

I totally get it, it’s your wedding and it’s a fun way to enjoy the process of planning it. (It’s also way cheaper!)

But the key is to keep it FUN. and Easy!

Soooo, I’ve created a few different types of invitation SVG templates in case you want to try it out. I’ve optimized these designs for all the concerns listed above.

This set of Cricut Wedding invitation SVG templates are free and available in my resource library.

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    A few notes before you go on how to best use these Cricut wedding templates:

    Scoring lines

    I’ve included them where necessary. You will need to manually turn them into scoring lines before you “Make it”. PLEASE make sure you do this or else it will remain as cut lines.

    Or you can just delete them if you want to score them by hand.


    They should all fit into an envelope for a 5×7 inch card.

    Recommended Mats

    Standard Mat for medium cardstock. Light Grip for light cardstock.


    If your blade is not fresh, take it out and stab it like 50 times on a ball of aluminum before and after you start. You need a sharp blade.

    Peeling the Design

    I like to peel the solid block first. I usually get it started, then turn it over on a clean table and peel back the mat.

    Once the solid part is removed, I turn it back and start peeling the lace part from different angles.

    I worked really hard to optimize these designs so it minimizes the weeding pain.

    So have fun!!

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