Bridal Hoop – Alternatives to Bridesmaids Carrying Flowers Bouquets

Do bridesmaids need bouquets? Consider a wedding wreath instead of a bouquet. Want to know what to hold instead of a bouquet? The bridesmaid wreaths are creative bouquet ideas that are a little different.

I love these bridal hoops. They are still so elegant yet have a modern twist. I made a one using faux greenery and streamers for the paper flower. Not only was it super budget friendly but you can make this way ahead of time.

Materials for Bridal Hoop

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Base hoop – I love the minimalist metallic ones. They can be styled in so many different ways, rustic, boho etc. the possibilities are endless. I love this one available from Amazon.

Faux Greenery – I like using garlands because they drape easily and are really cost-effective. Here’s one similar to the one I used in this tutorial.

Floral Wire or Glue Gun – you just need something to secure the leaves and flower

Paper Flowers – The tutorial for the gold streamer flower is available here. They cost about 10 cents to make and takes me at most 5 minutes. The best part is you can use the streamers for something else! I also have an entire library of other super easy paper flowers along with free templates.

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    Tutorial for Bridal Hoop

    Step 1: Assemble your materials

    bridal hoop materials

    Step 2: Start attaching the faux leaves/garlands to a third of hoop by wrapping the strands loosely.

    Step 3: Play with the arrangement of the paper flower and then glue them in place.

    DIy bridesmaid wreath
    DIY paper flower wreath

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