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I’ve included all my paper flower SVG and PDF templates and tutorials in this article for free. It includes everything – a rose template drawing, daisy templates to cut out, free patterns for making paper flowers, medium paper flower template and more!

There are actually more than 9 flowers in my collection! Since I started this post, I have designed more. Check out the rest of my paper flower designs here.

I’ve ordered the flowers from easiest to hardest. Even the hardest is not that hard. Each flower takes me no more than 5 minutes to make.

For the cardstock paper flowers, I prefer to use my Cricut cutting machine to do all the cutting. It goes so much faster and makes much more precise cuts. If you are interested in getting a Cricut, I’ve provided some guides on which machine and accessories I’d recommend for beginners here.

All of my flower templates are free and available in my resource library in both SVG and printable PDF formats.

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    Rolled Rose Paper Flower

    This one is the easiest to make. It is a just a single spiral strip of rose petals. I’ve customized the template so that the petals are naturally offset when rolled. Please check out the tutorial in the link above for more details.

    medium paper flower template

    Giant Tissue Flower

    I like using tissues for giant wall flowers because I don’t have to do a lot of gluing with each petal. This one is super easy to make. You can cut the petals in a stack with scissors and then bunch up the base into a bouquet.

    easy tissue paper flower

    Camillia 3D Flower

    If you have a cutting machine, this one is super easy to make. I love using shimmer paper to enhance the 3D effect. This one is actually quite straight forward to cut by hand with a pair of scissors as well.

    medium paper flower template

    Streamer Paper Flower

    Crepe paper makes for really beautiful paper flowers but it is a bit on the pricey side. I wanted to find a way to use regular party streamers to make flowers. Party streamers are also much more affordable than crepe paper sheets.

    crepe paper flower templates

    Rolled Crepe Flower

    I love using crepe paper but all the tutorials out there take forever and getting the big sheets of crepe paper is super expensive. I’ve created a rolled crepe flower that you can make out of streamers that takes like 3 minutes. This one is very similar to the streamer paper flower but you are not limited to the width of the streamer.

    crepe paper flower templates

    Tissue Paper Anemone

    This one is relatively straight forward as well. The hardest part was getting the proportions of the petals right. I’ve optimized the template for this. There is also a template for a cardstock paper anemone in this tutorial as well.

    tissue paper flower

    Foam Paper Calla Lily

    If you have kids and foam paper around, this one is super easy to make. The foam paper holds the shape well and is very similar to the real-life petals.

    medium paper flower template

    Simple Paper Flowers

    I wanted to include a basic flower and so this is what this tutorial is about. You can use these simple flowers for a lot of different decor and craft projects.

    simple paper flower templates

    Giant Paper Rose

    I wanted to find a way to make these giant wall flowers faster. I finally found a way to use my stapler on these flowers to make the process go a little faster.

    Cricut Paper Magnolia

    I think Magnolias are so beautiful. Now I found a way to make them on my Cricut Machine.

    simple paper flower templates

    Rolled Daisy

    This one you probably want to use a cutting machine. The hardest part was creating a template that would offset the petals. Since I’ve already done the hard part, the rest of it is easy.

    simple paper flower templates

    Hawaiian Hibiscus Paper Flower

    This one is cute for a more tropical feel.

    simple paper flower templates

    Easy Peony Paper Flower

    Easy is a relative word here. Peonies take forever to make. I figured out to reduce this down to 5 minutes, which is still long by my book but some of the other methods I see out there take like an hour per flower!

    crepe paper flower templates

    Giant Paper Sunflower

    This one is probably best made with a cutting machine. It makes for a great wall flower backdrop. I put it up in my kid’s room.

    easy paper flower template

    Links to the paper flower tutorials again: Giant Tissue Flowers, Frosted Camellia, Rolled Roses, Tissue Anemone, Hawaiian Hibiscus, Rolled Daisies, Calla Lily, Rolled Crepe Flower, Simple Magnolia, Giant Paper Rose, Cricut Magnolia, Streamer Flower, Standing Sunflower, Easy Peony

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      easy paper flower template
      Free paper flower SVG and printable templates and tutorials
      easy paper flower template
      easy paper flower templates

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