Paper Gardenia Flower

While this paper gardenia project took a little longer than my other rolled paper flowers, it was well worth the effort. This is a tutorial for my layered paper gardenia.

I have this big stack of frosted cardstock that I keep stockpiling but never use. It is the most expensive type of paper and I want to just hoard it.

I finally decided to use it for this gardenia project. Most gardenias are white and I thought plain white cardstock would be a little boring. The frosted metallic white cardstock added just the right amount of luster to bring it to life.

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Materials for Paper Gardenia Flower

Cardstock – I like the medium to heavy weight cardstock the most for this flower (65lbs and up). It holds its shape the best.

Hot Glue Gun – I tried making one with Tacky Glue but it took forever. I would highly recommend a hot glue gun, just watch your fingers.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Template – My templates for this paper gardenia flower are available for free in both SVG and printable formats in my resource library.

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    How to Make a Paper Gardenia

    Step 1: Cut the petal layers

    If you are are using the Cricut, I would add a little extra pressure if you are using shimmer cardstock. The shimmery stuff tends to have an extra glossy coating which makes it harder to cut.

    The default template size makes a flower around 3 inches wide.

    Step 2: Curl the petals

    Make a vertical concave curl along the length of the petal. I used a scraper but a credit card or any straight edge works.

    I then took a brush handle and flared out the other edges of the petal.

    Step 3: Glue the smallest layer into a bulb

    Fold in each petal of the smaller layer and glue as you go. You want this to be as enclosed as possible.

    Step 4: Glue the rest of the layers

    I then glue the rest of the 5 petal layers into place. I like to overlap the petals just enough to glue. This creates a nice evenly distributed bouquet in the flower.

    For the 3 petal layers, I stack 2 layers together (of the same size) and do the same gluing each petal with the next just barely overlapping.

    Step 5: Glue the layers together

    Simple add a dab of glue at the base of each layer and stack them together while offsetting the petals.

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    4 thoughts on “Paper Gardenia Flower”

    1. Denise

      Me encantan tus flores son tan lindas y tan fáciles de elaborar. Es animada a hacerlas gracias

      1. Elf @DomesticHeights

        Gracias Denise, feliz elaboración!

    2. Lisa

      What are the sizes in inches of each layer?
      How would you make the templates without the machine?

      1. Elf @DomesticHeights

        Hi Lisa,
        The sizes of the layers of the flower in the tutorial is about 3.5inch to 5 inches wide.

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