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DIY Paper Camellia (with free flower template)

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Paper Flowers

The camellia flower is also another great starter paper flower that is super easy to make.

Some people prefer to make it rolled but it is such a symmetrical flower, I prefer to make each layer individually so I can control the offset.

This is a great flower for viewing head on, as in, it is less compelling on a stem. I like to use it as wall decor, in wreaths or in arrangements where the stems are not visible.

Materials for a paper camellia:

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Cardstock – My favorite and the one I used int he photos is this metallic assorted cardstock set from Amazon. I like it the most because the core is not white and it shimmers in this subtle elegant way.

I also like Recollections 65lb Cardstock from Michaels

My favorite assortment include Roses Cardstock, Purple Passion and Pink Buttons

Glue – I like tacky glue mostly because I don’t like to get out the glue gun when I don’t have to. I like to use the smallest bottle from Michaels because it is easier to handle.

Tape – Any type will do.

Cutter – I make mine on the Cricut but a pair of scissors will do as well.

Let’s get started…

Step 1: Print your free paper flower template

I’ve created a printable flower template available in multiple formats. See the end of this article on instructions on how to access your free template.

Step 2: Cut the printable flower template

I cut my paper flower templates on the Cricut but it is totally doable by hand.

paper flower template

Step 3: Curl the petals

You can use a scraper, or just do it by hand. I use this scraper I have for my cast iron pan.

The smallest layer is just folded inwards.

paper flower template

Step 4: Assemble the layers

I like to have the curls for the 2 largest layers face down and the rest face up.

I also like to use tape for the 4 largest layers to add more depth. I then use the glue for the topmost layers.

That’s its, easy peasy!

paper camillia

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