Vinyl on Mugs Tutorial with Farmhouse Style Mugs

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DIY Gifts

This is a tutorial on how to make Rae Dunn inspired farmhouse mugs with vinyl decals.

It occurred to me unless you are a serious collector, I could just make my own inspired Rae Dunn Mug instead.

They make for great gifts on all occasions, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Mother Day. And the best part is, you can customize your own Rae Dunn Mug to whatever words or saying you want.

Don’t have a cutting machine? That’s ok, check out my other article on how to make these Rae Dunn Inspired projects with just a sharpie.

Are you ready?

Materials of vinyl decals for mugs

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Permanent Adhesive Vinyl or HTV – I feel like both works about the same. I prefer permanent adhesive because it is less of a hassle and you don’t have to heat it.

Here’s some great deals on assorted vinyl sheets from Amazon.

This is my favorite set of assorted HTV from Amazon.

White Mug – The real Rae Dunn mugs are much more artistic but I’m ok with a basic white coffee mug. If the person you are gifting this to will know the difference, you should probably just buy the real thing. Amazon has great deals on a huge assortment of white mugs so you can make one for Dad too, and Grandma, and your great Uncle far removed…

Transfer Tape – Here’s a bunch of great ones from Amazon.

(optional) Miniature Heat Press – It’s super cute and you will need one to iron on a curved surface if you decide to use HTV. This is Amazon’s best rated mini-iron.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Next, let’s get the text write. (get it? har har)

Mug Decal Ideas

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    Here’s a snapshot of all the sayings:

    What size decal for coffee mug

    Ideally if you want the whole design to be seen from one view, it should be less than 3 inches wide.

    The maximum width of the design should not be bigger than the circumference of the mug. Mug sizes vary but 6 inches max probably covers the smallest standard mugs made.

    The maximum height of the decal really depends on the height of the mug. I would leave at least 1 inch clearance from the top of the mug to the top of the design so whoever is drinking from the mug doesn’t touch the decal with their lips.

    How to use adhesive vinyl

    First cut your text from the template.

    Don’t forget to mirror your text if you are using HTV.

    Weed the negative parts of the design you are not interested in.

    Use the transfer tape to transfer it onto the mug.

    Vinyl on Mugs Tutorial

    HTV on mugs with heat press

    If you bought t he tiny iron, you can just go ahead and iron on the design using the dedicated teflon sheet.

    HTV on mugs without heat press

    If you didn’t by the little tiny iron, you can always just bake your mug at 300 degrees F for about 20 minutes.

    Rae Dunn Mom mug

    That’s it! Congratulations, you’ve Dunn it!! (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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