DIY Customized Sharpie Wine Glass

I recently received a bridal shower thank you gift that I actually use. It was a customized wine glass.

It was so elegant and thoughtful, it was a brilliant idea.

I decided to make my own the other day and it turned out easier than I thought it would be.

Materials for Customized Wine Glass

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Paint Sharpie – You can use the regular ones but the Paint Sharpies can be made permanent if you buy the right glass.

Wine Glass – If you want to it to look good for a little bit and you are willing to wash it by hand, any glass will do. I like these Amazon Basic stemless wine glasses because they can withstand a little bit of heat.

Letter Template – You can make your own by printing one. Or you can just by some vinyl letters. Or I have a free printable monogram set in my resource library. Instructions on how to access this resource library are at the end of the article. For Cricut and other cutting machine crafters, I have a set of rustic monogram wreaths you can to your project.

How to make a customized sharpie wine glass

I start by placing the printed letter inside the glass or sticking the vinyl letter on the glass.

I then decorate around the letter.

This next part is up to you. I like to color in the letter but the absence of the letter also looks great.

DIY Sharpie Wine Glass

If you are interested in making other similar creations with your sharpies, check out my tutorial on sharpie alcohol ink projects.

There are a lot of different home decor projects you can do with Sharpies that don’t look like they were made with Sharpies. Check out my tutorial on how to make stenciled Morrocan Tiles (with free templates).

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2 thoughts on “DIY Customized Sharpie Wine Glass”

  1. Kenedee

    Do you have to put the cup in the oven afterwards?

    1. Hi there! so for glass, I tend to just not heat it up because the paint sharpie actually withstands hand washing. Glass can typically go up to about 165 deg F so if you want to make it even more permanent, then maybe low heat for 20 mins but you really risk it shattering.

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